Your Clients Aren’t Paying You To TELL Them To Eat Kale

They pay you to GET them to eat kale.

There is no lack of information out there on health and nutrition. Anyone can google till they turn green (as kale) but if they don’t put the information into ACTION, nothing happens.

As a coach, instead of holding yourself back thinking you don’t know enough (which is rarely true), change your focus from facts and knowledge to seeing how you can step up to inspire and motivate your clients to turn knowledge into action, which leads to RESULTS (for you, that means raving clients, testimonials and referrals).

The value of your services and offerings mostly come from providing clarity and support for your clients, help them act on the right the knowledge and reduce information overload and overwhelm. You are there to help them take focused and effective action and stay on course.

As a coach, you are there to help your clients transform knowledge into results.

On that note, I want to share a personal “coaching” story:

I have no lack of knowledge and information when it comes to online marketing. I had 10 years experience working in digital agencies and after I started my own business, I have invested hundreds of hours and over ten thousand dollars on all sorts of programs, training and courses from which I learned a lot of valuable stuff.

However, those information only took me so far. I was able to grow my business to a certain point depending solely on myself and the knowledge. I knew there are certain things I need to do to take myself and my business to the next level… but I avoided them by doing “busy work” so that I don’t have to face my fears and blocks. I knew there were things I should be doing differently to see different results – but I don’t know which one… those are my blindspots.

I knew that getting to the next level does not mean taking another program that will inundate me with more “tactics” and “how-to’s”. I need support and accountability to do the HARD work – not the busy work.

I always think I am the super motivated and “get it done” type, and I don’t need “accountability”. Sure, when it comes to tasks and projects that come easily for me I am super efficient. But for the “hard” work – work that I need to overcome my fear, work that I am not naturally good at… I procrastinate and fill my time with “busy work”.

When I had my coaching session with my mentor the other day, she assigned me two action items that were so simple and so obvious. She was not teaching me any new information – which is cool. She just gave me a wake up call to take me out of the “busy work trance” and focus on the action that will take me close to the results that I want to achieve.

The most valuable part of private coaching is not to get myself inundated with more information, but to get clarity about myself and my business, get inspired and motivated, get over the humps, see the blindspots, and take the action required to make my goals happen – not just what is convenient.

When you communicate the value of your private coaching program, don’t short change the value of the clarity, support, as well as focused and effective actions you can help your client take to create quantum leaps!

Are you ready to get out of information overload and focus your effort on what really matters? Let’s talk.

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  1. Ling,
    Thanks again! The title caught my attention, the first sentence made me laugh and the article really opened my eyes. Great subject and awesome information. You ROCK!!!
    Thank you so very much for your excellent material and blog!!


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