What To Pin on Pinterest To Generate Interest? Tips for Health and Wellness Coaches On Using Pinterest

Pinterest lets you “pin” and organize images that you own or you find on the web. You can share your pinboard with others, and others can see your pinboards. They can “like” your pin or “repin” your pins as a way of sharing, and the cool thing is, you can link your website info to all the pins that you post.

At first glance, it may not sound like the perfect vehicle to promote your health coaching business, given that most of the stuff we talk about doesn’t come with intriguing images. However, don’t dismiss it yet! Besides sexy images, keyword that you put into the description is also part of the big picture. And who says you can’t make interesting image out of attention-grabbing headlines?

Here are a few things that tie back to your coaching practice that you can post:

  • Take a picture of the food you just cooked, and add a couple of recipe tips in the description area.
  • Do a label-reading tour, take pictures of food packaging, and decipher food labels with some shocking facts.
  • If you do cooking classes, you can post how-to videos.
  • Create interesting graphics for your products and services, add a little description (of course, on the benefits!) and link to your sales page.
  • Share a good book on your area of expertise. Use the book cover image on Amazon, and tell people why you like the book.

Make sure you click the “Edit” button and add your website URL to the image!

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