What They Don’t Tell Your About Money Mindset

There are many books, seminars, workshops and coaching programs out there about money and money mindset. And I have been coached, listened, talked, read and journaled till I turned blue – yet nothing much happened. Yeah, yeah, I know the “theories” intellectually, but nothing really “shifted” in my life for a long time… Even when I had my 6-figure job, I rarely, rarely experienced the feeling of expansion and abundance.

Until, I realized that all these ideas are  just talk if I am not feeling it – Duh! I realized that I have to stop thinking, and start integrating. I need to bring the experience into my body, into my every cell.

If you are like me, and feel that you have been coached-out – you have talked and listened and read and journaled until you were blue, yet nothing much has shifted in your life… you may just need to get the hell out of your head and stop thinking!

I want to share a few hurdles that I finally broke through, in order for me to experience expansion and abundance in my life: (For me abundance does not mean $500,000 in the bank. It is a feeling that there is enough and I am being supported. It’s participating in the flow.)

  • Fear of lack and scarcity. My big shift came when I changed my thinking, started to look for evidence and believe that the universe is infinite possibilities (clients, opportunities, business ideas) and infinite abundance. There is no “running out” – supply is infinite. Fear is an emotion: allow it, acknowledge it and release it – what you resist persist so don’t fight it.
  • Limiting belief – that I have to work hard to earn my living. Bad idea – now that I believe money flows into my life easily… it does!! Having a successful business is not equivalent to “struggle” or “working 60 hours”.
  • Limiting belief – that if I am having “fun” I should not get paid. Wrong! What comes easy and fun to me is my gift to the world, and the solutions that I create with grace and ease are my biggest contribution to my peeps – I give myself permission to have a generous income and a purposeful life (and have fun doing it)!

Of course, there is a lot of work involved in changing the lens through which I perceive the world and create my reality. It is not about understanding the ideas intellectually – done that many times and nothing worked until I am was able to “experience” the shift in energy in my body.

It was no cakewalk – it took me 6 months of soul-searching, gut-dripping work to peel off the layers of resistance and build the kind of trust. Many thanks to my teacher and mentor Sonia Miller, it is finally happening.

If my experience resonates with you, and you are ready to build a purposeful and profitable business with grace and ease, check out Sonia’s Ultimate Manifestation Program – what you learn will benefit you for a lifetime – it only gets better.

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  1. I agree Wong, been there, done that, now what…and yes a change of perspective is important too. I started a prosperity group and we found a great book to study with. It’s called “the 7 graces of marketing” by Lynn Serafin. Check out the conference happening on line from London, England http://the7gracesofmarketing.com/7GGC/?ap_id=randalllibero
    The chapter that got me into the book was “why nice people hate marketing”. I’m just on the second segment of the book and it’s really helpful. I hope you get to check it out.

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