Why Website Redesign Is Scaring the Crap Out Of Me (The Reason May Surprise You!)

So far, September has been a very busy month. Besides the Free “Create a Lucrative Ripple Effect” video training series, Legoland and kiddo’s b-day, I also got invited (within a span of 2 days!) to contribute content to 4 websites based on the new “Business Soulwork” direction I am pioneering. (Holy crap – this thing is HOT!)

Speaking of this new direction, I am in the middle of a visual re-branding – aka, website redesign. Redesigning a website can be a big and challenging endeavor – but I bet my challenge is NOT what most people face – such as picking the developer, managing the project, writing the copy, not getting ripped off, and such.

When I sat down to think about this new website – I asked, what is my INTENTION behind this website – what does this new website mean to me?

I want to fully expression myself in my business, and I want to birth this website in a way that is more akin to “art making” than a “business undertaking.” There is nothing cold and mechanical about it. I will tear my heart out for it, if I have to.

That means involving ME in the design. I dusted off Photoshop and I started creating. Not as a marketer, but as an intuitive, a poet, an artist.

Going in eyes wild open that I may not end up with a super-sleek website that “looks like Apple” – but also feeling reassured that I am not going to have a super-sleek website that looks like hundred others that want to “look like Apple.”

Yes, the visual and the design is important, and I would not have taken it on if I don’t think I have the chops – but the PROCESS is way more than a pretty picture.

It is me taking a stand declaring that this new phrase is about me expressing myself without compromise. It is about doing something different, it is about taking the reign. That certain degree of willfulness is almost seductive.

I see this project to be more than a business website – it embodies my value of creativity and individuality. It is PERSONAL.

It is not the mechanics that scares me. It is not the extra workload that intimidates me. It is not the “too many balls in the air” that makes me cringe.

So what was the ONE thing that SCARED me?

It is the FEAR that comes out of putting 110% of ME into this project, putting 110% of ME on the line. If it sucks there is no where to hide, no one to blame.

I can’t just shrug and say, “oh I don’t know, my designer did that, let me talk to the web guy and see what he can do about it.”

I am taking TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY on how this website will turn out. On the results of me expressing myself.

THAT is the scary part. What if I suck? What if I let myself down? What would others say? What if I prove that I suck (i.e. not good enough)? What if I miss out on the latest and greatest of the “best practice”?

I talked to a few designers, but felt that they wanted to squeeze me through their agenda (with good intention). My GUTS said NO – “it’s YOU, it’s about YOU, and it’s where the rubber meets to road to see if you can really, truly put yourself on the line 110%.”

It is so freakin’ personal.

So off I went, scared and doubtful as I might be, onto creating something that I can be proud of, that I can call ME, that I can call HOME. (I will let you know when it’s ready!)

Over to YOU – where in your business are you
relinquishing the opportunity to fully express yourself?

I am not here to make you wrong – most of these “relinquishing” are not intentional. Unconscious. As a result of our subconscious mind being protective.

We, as business owners and mostly operating solo, have a lot to juggle and it’s completely good to get help, to outsource, so we can stay in our zone of genius.

But if you want to live your full expression through your business, you have to take 110% responsibility on everything you put out there. Having someone else do the work can become an easy way (for some) to not fully taking it on.

You cannot outsource YOU – and hope it will work out “just fine.”

You are not going to set it up (unconsciously) so when something flops, you can “blame” your VA, web guy or designer.

Identify the sweet spot of where YOU come through, and OWN IT. Make sure you are controlling and taking responsibility for what goes out into the world through these channels – if you don’t, if you blame someone for some flops – ultimately you are the one to blame for not looking closely at what is important for you in your business.

No more falling asleep at the wheel – BE INTENTIONAL.


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