“I Want To Help People Get Healthy” Is Not Good Enough

I always like to start my coaching clients out with some “what’s your truth” kind of deep dive. 90% tell me it really changed their perspective. 50% say it made their brain hurt. 30% tell me I just punched them in the guts.

When I ask them what do they want their business to do for them, many answer “I want to help people get healthy.”

Good start, but not good enough as the rocket fuel for your business. My $0.02.

Let me repeat the question – What do you want your business to do FOR YOU?

Dig Deeper. Dig Until It Hurts.

We choose to do things because they benefit us in some way. The things we are driven to accomplish usually bring us both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards.

Let me ask you point blank – what is the “selfish” reason behind you wanting to “help people”?

What does “helping people” do for YOU?

For one of my clients, it satisfies her need to connect with others. It satisfies her urge to share information with others and feel accomplished when she helps people take action and improve their health.

What feelings, emotions and other intrinsic value do you want to get out of “helping others”?

Let’s be selfish for a moment. I don’t believe in “martyrdom”. “Helping others” without addressing your own needs and taking care of what YOU really want is a reflection of poor boundary. At the end, you don’t serve anybody because you are not respecting your needs. You can’t help your clients say “yes” to themselves if you don’t say “yes” to yourself first. You can only take your clients only as far as you are willing to go – even in the self-love and self-respect departments.

When you know what makes you tick – what feelings, emotions and other intrinsic value you want your business to deliver for you, then you can design your business so you can focus on doing things that will bring you more of those.

Where are YOU in your business? Is your business structure, model and strategies serving you? Is your business set up such that you can maximize the time you spend doing the things that are satisfying and fulfilling for you?

Stop chasing the Shiny Objects. Know what you want, and then find the strategies, tactics and tools that will serve you best. Ask your Heart & Guts.

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Ready to build a business that serves your deepest desires? Let’s dig deep – I will hurt your brain and punch your gut, and it will hurt oh-so-good. 

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