Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 6 – Grow Your List While Making Money

A low price point information product can be a great way to attract potential clients, grow a quality list while generating some income.

Here are a few ideas to do so:

  • Grow quality list with low price-point product – you can create an entry-level information product and price it very affordably to attract new clients and grow a quality list. Their attention is caught by the information you are sharing, which means most likely they are in your niche. And they went through the trouble of jumping through the check out hoop for you, making them well qualified as prospects for your other products and services. People who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy from you again, making these people an easier upsell or cross-sell.

    You can also create a sub-list for the folks who buy this entry-level product, so you can target your marketing even better. They have raised their hands to show interest in what you are offering, so you can feel more comfortable sending out more marketing communications and promotional emails than to your main list. Plus, they can opt-out of the sub-list if they don’t want to get too many emails, but can still remain on your main list.

    One example is the Online Marketing Awesomeness series of information product that I have created. I sell them at a low price point, and people who purchased these info products are added to my Online Marketing Awesomeness Tribe sub-list. Whenever I launch a new product in this series, folks in the sub-list will get a first dibs special discount. I know that these people are very interested in what I have to offer in this area, and I can market products and services on this topic to them more frequently.

  • Expand your reach with deal sites – deal sites like Groupon, Living Social and others with a more niche audience can be great way for you to expand your reach and grow your list. It is very challenging to offer services that involve your time – e.g. group or private coaching – on these deal sites without devaluing what you do, losing money or worse, working your butt off.

    Offering information products can be a great solution to this dilemma. You can create a home-study program, and offer it at an attractive price. Since it’s a digital product, and you will not be investing any more time into delivering the information, you are making money regardless of the cut that these deal sites take.

    However, making money is not the point here. These deal sites have enormous lists – imagine your offerings are being exposed to millions of eyeballs! The money is in the list, but it doesn’t have to be your list! Moreover, most of these deal sites will include your website URL in the description, so on top of getting potential clients to check out your products, you are also driving traffic to your website. Make sure you have a freebie on your site to entice sign up to your mailing list!

  • The same idea can also be used on sites like Fiverr is a site where people can get products and services for five dollars. If you create an information product that solves a gateway problem, and then include in the info product a link to sign up for your free gift and some suggestions for the buyer to explore next step with you – you will be able to attract people who already paid for and like your products into your circle.

Feeling inspired? Want a little help with creating content to grow your list? Check out our Done-For-You materials – including Done-For-You Programs that you can use to create entry-level information products.

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  1. Great info. Thank you. Plan to try these throughout the year.

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