Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 2 – List Building

Having a list of qualified prospects to whom you can communicate consistently is a great way to cultivate relationships that lead to sales.

These days, most people have more emails than they want in their inbox everyday – so just saying “Sign up for our newsletter” is simply not enough – it’s like saying, enter your email here and we will add more stuff to your inbox!! A great way to entice sign up is to give people something valuable for free – such as content that addresses their biggest challenge in your area of expertise – in exchange for their time and their information.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your free gift is attractive – and people will stay with you after they have received the goodies:

  • Pick one burning issue that your target market wants to get a solution for yesterday. Your free gift needs to be relevant.
  • Narrow the topic down so that you can cover the materials in the amount of content that is reasonable for you to create as a free gift (e.g. you are not spending a whole week on research and writing).
  • You should be able to offer practical, actionable tips to help your potential clients resolve the problem and see the results quickly to demonstrate the value of your offerings.
  • Don’t give people crap – they need to think if your free stuff is that good, what great results they can get by working with you. If, while creating your free offer, you are tempted to put it up for sale, you are on the right track!
  • Pick a format that works well with your content and meet the needs of your target market. If your specialty is teaching cooking, and you want to do a cooking demo as free gift, video would be the medium of choice. If your target market is busy moms, they probably don’t have time to sit down long enough to watch a 45 min video on why they need to detox. You may want to give an mp3 recording so that they can listen on the go.
  • Treat the gift as a way to say “nice to meet you” – make sure you introduce yourself, your services, and connect with people with your story.
  • A free workshop, teleseminar or a webinar is a great way to grow your list. You don’t have to generate new content all the time – develop a signature talk, and then offer it to clients of your referral partners who share your target market. This is a win-win situation – you get to reach your partner’s list, and your partner is offering something valuable to her followings with very little effort. If you are promoting a product or service via this event, you can even add an affiliate program to entice your partners to promote it for you, and to reward them for their efforts.
  • Include in your free gift information on “next step” – let your prospects know how they can further engage with your services. It can be a product or program relevant to your content, to help your clients go deeper, or it can just be as simple as an invitation for a free discovery session.

Besides using free content to entice sign up on your website, you can use your content to create bonus handout for your free workshops – ask attendees to sign up with their email addresses to have the PDF emailed to them (save some trees too!) and also mention on the sign up sheet that they will be added to your mailing list.

Having a big list is not enough. To effectively convert your subscribers into clients, you need to effectively communicate with them. Find out how in this “30 Tactics to Boost Your Email Marketing” Guide.

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