Uplevel Your Success Consciousness

  1. Your words influence your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. If you make a negative statement about a situation, you lock in the undesirable reality.
  2. Your subconscious mind influences your decision and action. It ia also “trained” to find an answer when asked a question.

Change your words, change your thoughts, and you can change your reality.

Ask the right question, and you will find the answer that you desire.

  • Instead of saying “I am only getting 10 people on this program”, how about “What needs to happen for 30 people to enroll in my program?” – guess what, your subconscious mind will go search for an answer and you will come up with a new marketing tactic in the shower!
  • Instead of thinking “I don’t have $xxxx to invest in this training program”, ask “What can I do to create $xxxx in the next 2 weeks so I can invest in my growth?” – again, your subconscious mind will get busy, delivering that one big idea for you to get 2 new clients right away.
  • Instead of sulking “I won’t be able to pay off this debt for another 2 years”, think “What can happen for the money to come into my life so that I can pay this off in 6 months?” –  your subconscious mind may help you remember that contact who you can do JV with and create a juicy pay day.


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