“Unsubscribe-Proof” Yourself

A week ago I sent out an email newsletter in which I somewhat-bluntly spoke my mind.

The newsletter went out, and honestly, I had a moment of doubt after that. What if I was being “too honest”? What if it offended some people? Oh, big deal, they won’t like me anymore and they will unsubscribe. So? Let’s say people got really annoyed and 100 of them hit that button. I will still be well over that “1,000” mark and hey I know how to grow my list so it will be back to where it started within a month. I will feel a little sad, but…

It’s more important that I be who I am and say what I feel needed to be said.

Many coaches, especially those who are starting out, have the fear of “rejection” in the form of people unsubscribing from their lists. I can totally understand, when your list has only 50 people, 2 people leaving can seem like a lot – and personal. You may start doubting yourself, the value of your work, and the validity of your newsletter content.

Reality is, you don’t have the control to prevent people from hitting the unsub button. However, you can:

Inject regular GROWTH SPURTS into your list!

Assuming you are providing valuable content and not spamming people, there is nothing to be “afraid” of.

Simple math: subscribe > unsubscribe = list growth!

If you are consistently putting your effort into growing your list, unsubscribe will soon lose its scariness.

Besides growing your list, here are a few more things you can do to “Unsubscribe-Proof” yourself:

  • stop receiving unsub notification which can bring you down (most of the time, people unsub because they are getting too many emails. Nothing personal) and don’t get obsessed when you look at your newsletter report;
  • know that the process of unsubscribing is a way of “self-selection” – those who are not interested in hearing from you probably won’t buy from you anyway. When you get to the point of doing joint ventures, it’s way more attractive to your potential partner that your list has an open rate of over 30%, rather than a measly 15%;
  • make sure that you continue to provide valuable content;
  • put a personal touch in your communication so your newsletter doesn’t fall into the “just yet another promotional email” category; and
  • communicate with your list at reasonable and regular intervals, and pay attention to the balance between content and promotions.

A high-quality list is the key to successful product and program launch. If you have plans to end that “feast and famine” cycle, stop “pounding the pavement” and leverage your time, effort and knowledge to make more money while working less, grab this List Engagement System – it will rock your world.

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