Turn Your Traffic Into Income

With all the talks about SEO, PPC, and new social media platforms that seem to be popping up everyday, it is easy to suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”.

One important function these tactics and platforms serve is to drive traffic to your website. If you want to see ROI on your effort in the form of sales from social media, here is a formula you need to know:

Traffic + Offer (sales page on your website) = Revenue

If you get all the social media things going, and have SEO and PPC driving traffic to your website, yet your website is not engaging your prospects, not speaking to your target market, and not featuring your offerings in a way that is attractive to your potential clients, all your efforts are for naught. People will click away and you are not going to sell.

Here are just a few reasons why you want to make your website your home base, get it up to snuff, before you go about chasing the next new thing on the interwebs:

  • You DON’T own those social media platforms. What happens if your “home base” is your Facebook fan page and one day Facebook decides to change the rules and shut it down? If one day everyone leaves Facebook for the next new “Facebook” – your 5,000 fans doesn’t mean a thing if they can’t see your post! (Remember MySpace?) On the other hand, you own your website and your list – make them work hard for you.
  • Your website gives you the “real estate” to provide your prospects with the most comprehensive information on your business, your services and your offerings. Moreover, if done right, the process of creating content for your website is a great exercise to help you get a ton of clarity on your business.
    When coaching with me, my clients get a lot of insight and clarity on their message, their target market, their mission, their business model, their offerings etc. just by working through their website structure and content. It’s not uncommon that they walk away from a 60-minute discovery session with a brand new business and marketing plan!
  • It doesn’t matter if you are driving a ton of traffic from social media to your website if people don’t find anything valuable on your website – they will click away and you will never see them again. Let alone getting them to spend money with you. Your website is where you can showcase all your programs, products and offerings. Without such offerings, traffic won’t make you money.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, get the latest widgets and hire a “web guy” to make your website work harder for you. Download this FREE Special Report to learn the 7 strategies you can apply right away to create a client-attracting, income generating website without spending an extra dime.

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