The TRUTH About Your Marketing, Website, Program, Sales Page, Pricing…


I found myself repeating this concept to my clients all week – whether they are working on their marketing, their sales page, their programs, their pricing or even their mindset. So I take it as a sign that I should share this with you as well.

Your Marketing Message Is NOT About You

It’s about how you can help your ideal clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals within your area of expertise.

Your Website Is NOT About You

It’s about giving your ideal clients relevant and valuable information, and providing an easy way for them to find out how they can solve their problems with your offerings. It means you need to have good (not navel-gazing) content and a clear and easy-to-navigate structure.

Even Your “ABOUT Page” is NOT About You

It’s about connecting with your ideal clients by sharing your story and experience that is relevant to what they are looking to you for help and support. They don’t care about your life story. They want to see if they resonate with you and how your experience is relevant to them. (People like to work with those who are “just like them.”)

Your Program Is NOT About You

It’s not about what you want to teach your ideal clients. It’s not about what you know. It’s about providing structure, tools, resources and coaching to your ideal clients so they can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. The best way to design a program does not come from what you want to teach – instead, reverse engineer from what you know your ideal clients WANT.

Your Sales Page Is NOT About You

It’s about why your ideal clients would want to invest in themselves through you (see, they are not even investing in you). Again, the best sales page is created by reverse engineering from the “wants” of your ideal clients.

Your Pricing Is NOT About You

It’s not about how much time you spend with the client. It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s not about how many alphabets you have earned to put after your name. It’s not about what your “fellow coaches” are charging. It’s not about what you are worth.

Your pricing is about the results your clients get by working with you. If you can convince them the fee you charge is way less than the benefits they will get (or money they will save) – you got yourself a client. There is a load more to this whole “pricing” business, so grab this FREE “4 Keys To Enrolling High-Paying Clients” Training to learn all about it.


Yet, It’s All About You!

Although so many things are not about you, YOU are YOUnique and ultimately your business has to be the true expression of who you are. Be you, be the best of you – because when you are the fullest expression of yourself, you are radiant and you will attract people who value your contribution. Your ideal clients will “want a piece of you” because you are living in a way that they are aspired to.

Here are 5 Principles to Build a Biz That Loves You Back (by letting you be you!)

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