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{{ 12/1/13 update}} I just attended the Black Friday Bootcamp presented by internet marketing big wigs Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern. Ryan Deiss’ topic was on optimizing a complete sales funnel (the big thing – “you don’t have a traffic problem, you have an offer problem”) and he presented the idea of a “Tripwire” offer – which dramatically increases conversion rate for the main/core offer as well as overall revenue for many businesses.

The idea of the “tripwire offer” is exactly what I have been talking about for a while – creating a low/entry level price point product in your sales funnel to get more people to start paying you – get more engaged in what you offer than just being a “subscriber”. If it’s just me, you can say I am coo-coo. But now we have Mr. Deiss and Mr. Kern tooting about it (I like to think that they “canonized” it), with a load of data and case studies to back it up – I want you to take this super seriously and read this post again:


If you have a warm list (that is, you have been showing up consistently in their inbox and nurturing the relationship with relevant and valuable content for a while) but you have not launched a program/product for a while or not at all, introducing an info product at entry level price point (e.g. $7, $17, $27) can be a great way to let your peeps know that they can purchase something from you (so many coaches are too “subtle” in communicating this, and their readers may not even know they have something for sale!!)

It can be a lead-in for your bigger program/product launch to generate buzz and anticipation – if orchestrated right.

It’s a great way to let your followers “try you out” before you ask them to commit to your higher-level offerings. It allows you to “train” them to whip out the credit card for you (people who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy again – of course, assuming you are offering quality stuff.) You can also use this as an opportunity to test out topics to make sure they resonate with your peeps before you spend hours and dollars putting programs together.

People who pay for something have skin the the game – they are more likely to actually read the materials and implement your recommendations. This means they will actually experience results from your work and quickly accelerate that “like know and trust” factor which can be critical when you roll out your higher price point programs or products.

A $7 or $17 ebook/special report/recipe collection delivered as PDF file is an appropriate format for this type of product. There is no magic number when it comes to page count or number of recipes… however, here are a few tips and criteria you can use to create your “train them to buy” entry-level info product:

  • Creating the product – including content creation/compilation and formatting – should not you take more than a few hours. After you have determined the topic and before you write anything, look through the materials you already have written – blog posts, handouts, recordings (which you can have them transcribed very reasonably) etc. to see what you can appropriate so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • The product should solve ONE gateway problem relevant to your target market that you can clearly state in your title. E.g. A Week Of Healthy Breakfast in 15 Minutes (Or Less) For the Whole Family; 7 Healthy Dinners for 2 – For Less than $7 a Person!; 10 Workweek Brown Bag Lunches To Boost Productivity
  • Resist the urge to pile on the content – instead, think “curated” materials to help your readers reduce overwhelm. Don’t geek out on “theories”, instead, focus on easy to implement action steps that will create measurable results. (e.g.” lose 10 pounds”, “save $200 a month on takeouts” – instead of “live a happier healthier life”)
  • The content should leave your readers wanting for more – your info product should be a natural lead-in for  your next level product, program or service. If you already have those programs or products in place, add a page at the end to invite them to take the next step with you. At least, you can invite them for an discovery session/initial consultation to boost up your 1:1 client roster.

Another note is that your sales funnel should not consist only of this tripwire offer – it should not be considered as your “profit center” – or else you won’t be making much money. You need to set up a complete sales funnel so you can move those who purchase this tripwire offer along to your higher price-point core offer and upsell (which should be presented immediately or shortly after the purchase.)


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