Top 5 Design Tips To Juice Up Your Sales Page

Researches have found that the layout of the sales page affects conversion rate as much as the actual content. Here are a few pointers that you can use to make sure that your sales page “looks good”:

  1. Hierarchy: include headline, and subheads to make your content “scan-friendly”. Your reader should be able to glean the outline of your “story” by skimming through the subheads for each section, without having to read the body content.
  2. White Space: leave white spaces between your content to increase readability. When people see a very dense page jammed with text, they get turned off.
  3. Bullets: break down your important points into short bullets (e.g. benefits of your offering) – people are drawn to bullets and they are easy to scan.
  4. Images: add an image or two, especially toward the top of the page can help increase interest, connect with your read and increase readability.
  5. Keep It Simple: go for a clean, elegant and professional design – no big arrows, no blinking things – you are not doing infomercials!

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