Three Bean Sprouts Walked Into My Kitchen…

This post is “serious” stuff – it’s about “giving up” and “sticking to it”. But the inspiration all started from seeing the three bean sprouts in my kitchen…

photoI am no green thumb. In fact, I never managed to keep a plant alive since… I moved out of my parents’ house for college. That would be almost 20 years. (and how I keep 2 kids alive is beyond me)

I decided to sprout a few little red beans when my 3.5-year-old kept saying he wants to grow “sumping”. I put three beans on a wet cotton pad. Two sprouted – let’s call them Curly and Stubby. One decided to just sit there – let’s call it Tardy. Curly grew super fast, up up and up. Stubby was being stubby… didn’t go too far and decided to go sideways. We helped Tardy out by removing the outer skin.

Curly was growing so fast that we needed to transfer the whole cotton pad thing into a pot of soil. Here is the thing – if we let Curly stick out of the soil, that means Stubby and Tardy would be buried. We did that anyway. We didn’t just toss those two out but trusted that they will somehow find their way out.

Did I say I am no green thumb? One day, I was trying to help Curly stand up straight, and I BROKE its stem! So we taped it to a chopstick to help it stand up again. (And reached the conclusion that I would no longer have anything to do with the care of these bean stalks) We didn’t just “conclude” that it’s probably dead and gave up on it.

Right around then, Stubby found its way out and started to grew like crazy! And, we got a peek of Tardy starting to sprout!!

Today, we have three tall bean stalks sitting on our window sill, showing my lil’ guy the magic of photosynthesis and me the magic of not giving up!


When should we “stick to it” and when should we “let it go”?

How can you tell if you are giving up to soon, or if you are clinching to something that is dragging you down?

My biggest “let it go” moment

I spent 8+ years in Ivy League institutions studying architecture. I then spent 2 years working in architect’s offices. During those 2 years, I grew more and more miserable. Sunday night was tearful – I dreaded going to work that much. I decided to pull the plug – essentially letting go of 10+ years of education and professional training, jump into the unknown, and work my way back up in the digital marketing industry. Glad I did.

My high impact “stick to it” moment

When I started my health coaching business, my older son was 18 months, we just moved cross-country from New York City to the LA area. I had to build a new business from scratch, in a new place with no contact and no help yet with my baby. It was a tough few months, but the idea of having my own business and really making a impact on other people’s lives (rather than pushing strategies and project plans into big corporations) really spoke to me from a deep place. I by-passed several opportunities to go back to a “job” in my old career, trusting that if there is a will, there is a way. And glad I did.

Lesson learned:

Listen to your inner truth, your heart, your higher-self, your intuition – whatever you call that.

Trust it. Feel into it. Lean in, listen. Ask the question, forget about it – when you ask a question, your subconscious mind can’t help but go search for an answer. Observe your body, usually it will show you something you don’t admit to yourself.

Let your emotions be the guide – one of my coaches used to say, emotion is the language of the soul. Let the emotions out, and in that moment of peace, listen to your wise inner guidance. You will find the answer whether to “stick with it” or “let it go”.

Find peace, create space, allow in opportunities.

Find that place of inspiration – slideberry was “born” during a sweaty spinning class.

Be aware of decisions driven by “you are supposed to do xyz”, “that’s the way it’s done”. Ask yourself if it’s driven by your past conditioning, stories, experience. See if it’s caused by judgment and conclusion from your past and from others. Those ideas are not yours – return to sender, whether it’s someone else, something else, or an older version of you.

Jumping off the cliff, letting go of the edge of the pool can be a bitch. It’s scary, I know. If you are ready, however, an extra dose of clarity may just be what you need. Let’s talk and get some AHA’s in you.

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