Think Outside the Box, But Don’t Toss It Out Yet!

I am a bit of a rebel.

I am an explorer at heart. Once I backpacked Scandinavia with a friend. We decided to hop on a plane to go to Iceland… with NO freaking idea where we were going to stay, what currency they use, what language they speak, what the heck we are going to do there (we ended up riding a snow mobile – and flipped over – on a volcano).

I am allergic to the phrase “but it’s been done this way”.

I think “system” is good, but it has to be MY system – a system that I create (by learning from others) with what I want in mind – the way I want my biz to work for me, the way I want to live my desired lifestyle.

I “unsystem” my clients so they can find their own system.

I can be annoying because I question a lot of things.

My brain seems to love the mental acrobatics of questioning the rules and defying the box.

The other day, I decided to look at my box.

Yes, I have a box.

I decided to take that box apart and build a new one. A big one with windows and door so I can see what’s outside the box.

You may ask, then why do you need a box?

I like the security of a box. Trail-blazing if fun, but it can cause bruises.

I want a place I can curl up and suck my thumb.

Not all innovative ideas will turn out to be blockbusters. It’s good to know that Plan B is there.

I want a place where I can follow my “system” when I am tired and need a couple of days of “auto-pilot”. Those days when I need to just put one foot in front of the other.

Plus, there is no need to reinvent the wheel for everything I do. I prefer to save my energy for something that is truly innovative, cool and yes, radically change my clients’ life.

I don’t mind a box. But I am MINDFUL about the box.  My choices, whether to act inside or outside the box, are INTENTIONAL.

Intentional choices leads to inspired action that will yield awesome results.


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