The Ultimate Parenting Course – with a section on nutrition and feeding

I want to share this exciting new course that one of my referral partners just launched. It has a section called “feeding your child”, and I thought it might be helpful resource for those of you who work with parents. Visit the website to learn more.

Here is an overview:
The Ultimate Parenting Course features a cadre of seasoned experts, including Christine Carter, PhD (Raising Happiness);Kim John Payne, M.Ed (Simplicity Parenting); Betsy Brown Braun, MA (Just Tell Me What to Say); Elizabeth Pantley(No-Cry Sleep Solution). In written contributions and recorded interviews, 20 experts offer advice on the following topics: Parent Identity, Sleep, Feeding Your Child, Attachment, Individuation, Conflict Resolution, Co-Parenting and Community. The result are 8 videos with a compilation of interviews, 3 bonus videos, and a Handbook with written contributions and action exercises for parents to integrate the insight, research, experience and wisdom immediately into their family to better navigate conflict and deepen connection.

The following are featured in Section 3: “Feeding Your Child” –

Dr. Linda Folden Palmer, DC, discussing:
– the science (hormones, chemical reaction, benefits) of breastfeeding
– trouble shooting breastfeeding.

Dr. Jennifer Karon Flores, DNM, discussing:
– Nursing for working mothers
– How a partner can help during the breastfeeding years
– How to introduce solids to babies
– How a parent creates a healthy family relationship with food
– How our language about food influences how our kids feel about food
– Food allergies

Catherine McCord ( sharing her recipes and discussing:
– Kitchen burn-out
– Picky toddler eaters
– Getting children involved
– Go-to-dinners
– School lunch special

Jessica Williams (creator of the Ultimate Parenting Course)
– Night-weaning
– Written exercises for clearing a parents’ own relationship/hang-ups with food

Visit the website to learn more.

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