5 Steps To Getting Your Marketing Calendar DONE :: the Pain-Free, Low-Tech Way

Here is the formula:

Signature System + Sales Funnel + Stickies = Marketing Calendar

1. Signature System

The steps in your signature system will inform the type of content you will be creating. Everything you put out in the world should stem from your signature system so your message and offerings are focused and coherent. Read this post to learn how to create your signature system.

2. Sales FUNnel

Your sales funnel will inform you the formats of the suite of programs, products and services you offer to your clients. Read this post to see how to create your sales “ice cream cone”.

3. Whip Out the Post-Its

Content + Format = Title of Your Program/Product!!

Put the title of your program/product the stickies – one offer per stickie.

4. Categorize the Offers

Whip out some markers to color-code your offerings based on what they are doing for your business. E.g. list-building, income generating, discovery session promotion etc.

5. Distribute the Stickies On a Calendar

Now distribute your offers on a calendar (I like to tape 12 pieces of blank papers on the wall, write the months on them, so I can see how everything look at a glance). I recommend having 1-3 offers or promotion (free and paid) per month, taking seasonality and your own schedule (e.g. vacation, kids not in school) into account.

With the color-coding, you will be able to see at a glance if the free and paid offers are distributed evenly.


So there you have it, your 2014 marketing calendar, done!

Pay attention to what works, what doesn’t, and you can improve, rinse and repeat for 2015!


I know, planning your marketing calendar is not that sexy. I had been “saying” I need to have a marketing calendar for months and months before my coach actually hold my toes to the fire and make me get it DONE. If you need to motivation, hand-holding, questions-answering and accountability support to make sure that you have a PLAN for 2014, here is your chance!

Join me for the inaugural “Get $h*t Done” Day during which we will roll up our sleeve and make sure you have your marketing calendar for 2014 DONE in just one afternoon. You don’t have to pay a coach thousands of dollars to get this done… in fact, you are not even paying a hundred bucks. And you will get me for the whole damn afternoon.

It’s really awesome – join the party here.

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