The Opportunity Cost of Not Taking Action

As I was writing the post on how Kerry, a new health coach started her successful business even before she graduates, I really want to make sure that my peeps understand the COST of NOT TAKING ACTION. It’s not just about making $0… it’s about losing the income that you can potentially generate if you do take action.

So, we are going to do some math here. And I am going to be conservative with the numbers on how many clients and how much income is possible.

Let’s say you are starting from zero. You can either purchase the Complete Wellness Go-Pro Kit for $700 and spend one month customizing and launching your products/programs, or you spend 6 months writing all those materials yourself.

If you do purchase the Go-Pro Kit, you are 5 months ahead. Let’s see what can happen in 5 months…

  • You do one free workshop a month using the done-for-you workshop presentations (of course you can charge, but let’s be conservative) and get 1o people to sign up for your discovery session each time. 50 discovery sessions. Let’s say 2 people sign up for your 6-month program at $900 each and 5 people do a one-month program with you at $200. That is $2,800 right there.
  • You have a done-for-you special report to start growing your list. Let’s say you add 50 people per month, you will have 250 people on your list in 5 months. You are diligent about building a relationship (providing valuable content with the done-for-you articles), and then launch just one info product at $70 during this 5-month period. Let’s go with a 5% response rate – you will get 12 people to pay you a total of $840.
  • You are real confident now because you have the materials and you launch a 3-month group program by putting together the 6 done-for-you programs and whip up your sales page with the done-for-you sales copy. Say,  you charge $200 a piece (very conservative indeed!) and get 10 people to join. Bam, $2,000 there.

By just doing 3 things and being very conservative with the numbers, in 5 months your opportunity cost is at least $5,640. Minus the $700 initial investment, you are still looking at $5,000.

Imagine you get more proactive… what else is possible?

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  1. […] TAKING ACTION is really a critical part of getting your business off the ground and up and running. And, having the guts to get out there and ASK FOR THE MONEY! I remember when I was 3 months into my IIN program, I signed my first coaching clients at $150/month with the certificate that says I can coach people barely out of the envelop, and a bare-bone website. Essentially, without having to wait until I graduate and “know enough”, I shaved 9 months of my journey – and think about the opportunity cost… […]

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