The 3 Letters That Will Get You More Clients


ASK for the business!

Yep, that simple… but are you doing it?

At Health Fairs, Events and Workshop Presentations

After sharing your valuable content…

  • Are you leaving yourself enough time to tell people what you do, how they can benefit from your services and how they can explore a next step with you? Having these components are vital to a presentation that helps you attract more clients.
  • Are you asking them  to sign up onto your list? Entice them to share their info with a bonus PDF handout that will be emailed to them if they sign up.
  • Are you asking them to schedule a discovery session with you?

On Your Website

Make sure that you are asking your potential clients to take action, and make it easy for them to do what you want them to do – don’t assume they know what to do next…

  • You are offering a free gift to get people to sign up to your mailing list – add a call-to-action along the line of “Enter/Submit your information below to gain instant access to this free report”.
  • You invite your potential clients for an initial consultation – tell them a little about what the session is about (after all, you are asking them to spend 30-60 minutes of their time with you), and include a clear call-to-action and instruction so they know if they need to contact you via the website contact form, or click a link to schedule an appointment time with you. Tell them what they will be expecting next (you will reply within xx hours, a confirmation email will be sent to them etc.)
  • You have a program, product or service that visitors can purchase on the website – (it’s obvious, but…) make sure the “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” buttons are prominently located, and if you have a long sales page, put the buttons in a few places so that the visitors don’t have to scroll all over the place to find that one and only one button (and give up if they fail to do so!)

In Your Newsletter

Make creating your newsletter more than a weekly writing exercise (that you dread)…

  • In your article, ask your reader to click through to your blog to share her thoughts and leave a comment (hey, you do put that content on your blog, right?) – increasing engagement is a great way to build a loyal list (that is more likely to buy from you)
  • Talk about your upcoming programs and events, include a call-to-action and a link. Ideally, your call-to-action should start with a verb (action, get it?) which inspires action.
  • Invite your reader to schedule a discovery session with you – include a clear call-to-action and instruction so they know if they would just hit reply, or click a link to schedule an appointment time with you.

With Referral Partners

They are busy, you are not their priority. Make it easy for them to help you spread the word…
  • Send them valuable content (check out this article template) that they can share with their clients and their list… and don’t forget to actually ask them to share it!
  • If you are launching a program, you can ask your referral partner to help you spread the word. Create a calendar, promotional copy, sample emails, facebook posts and tweets that they can just copy and paste. Better still, ask them to join an affiliate program so they get rewarded for their efforts (and work harder for you!)
  • Or simply ask them what clients they are working with lately, and if there is anyone they can think of who can benefit from your services.
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