The 3 C’s of a Revenue-Generating Day

Click on thumbnail to download the full-size image so that you can have it as a reminder - everyday

Click on thumbnail to download the full-size image so that you can have it as a reminder – everyday

So, what does a productive, revenue-generating day look like?

Here is the 3 C’s I will include in every work day to make sure that I am productive and focusing on income-generating tasks and projects:

Client Care and Client Acquisition

Make my current clients happy is my top priority. Why?

  • It’s more economical to get past and existing clients to come back for more than to acquire new clients.
  • Happy clients will tell their friends, spreading how great your offerings are. Word of mouth is powerful.
  • Without your clients, where is your business?

Also reach out to potential clients – provide relevant content, answer questions, be a resource. Have a quick chat on the phone, do a discovery session, get to know them.

Content Creation

If you are not creating new products, programs or services, or improving existing ones, you can easily become irrelevant or obsolete.

Plus, since we know that it’s easier to get current clients to buy from you again (40% of people who has bought from you will buy from you again), it would make sense to create new products and services that will meet their latest needs, or take them to the next level.

Even if you are just creating a free gift to grow your list, or a blog post to provide valuable information to your audience (not to mention boost your SEO ranking), you are creating and that’s a very good thing.


aka, promotion.

It’s not just about selling a product or a service. It is also about promoting yourself, your brand and what you do. For example. I consider sharing a blog post on social media “promotion” – it boosts my expert status and drives traffic to my website (which can actually result in a sale).

Think of promotion as a way to maintain visibility. If you don’t work on maintaining your visibility, you will disappear into obscurity.

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