The 1-2-3 of Hooking Up Your Freebie Sign Up

You know you need a freebie to entice people to give you their email address and get onto your mailing list.

You know a freebie can help you grow your list, position you as an expert and reach out to your potential clients.

Dang, you even have your freebie written up/recorded, and now it’s sitting on your desktop, staring at your right this moment.

Now what? Of course, you want to get it onto your website so you can start growing your list!

How? It looks complicated, you say. Not really, if you break it down into these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create PDF of the special report or mp3 of your audio, whatever format you choose
  2. Upload it to somewhere in the interwebs where you can grab the path. You can try Dropbox – put your file in the “public folder”, then right click on the file, go under “dropbox” and click on “copy public link”.
  3. On the your newsletter sign up sequence Thank You email and Thank You page, you insert the URL that you just copied as a download link (e.g. click here to download you free special report)

I know, wrestling with all these programs, websites and softwares may not be your cup of tea. If this instruction is making your head spin, check out our “Hook Up Your Freebie” service – you will get your freebie up and start growing your list in no time.

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