kerry“Slideberry allowed me to have programs that were more professional and easily marketed within a reasonable amount of time. By using the Done-For-You programs I am more comfortable offering multiple programs, workshops etc. It allows me to progress and expand and takes some of the work out of it. It takes a long time to set up your business and put together content. I am working out of space at a Chiropractors office and this let me have programs and services to offer right off the bat.

Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials give me many more options and ways to reach potential clients than saying ‘I have a 6 month  program.’ I can offer a 21-day email program (great as a incentive give-away etc.) Material for presentations (the hardest thing to put together in my opinion) and it got me start creating audio programs which would have been a distant thought without Slideberry’s Done-For-You New Year Group Program.

I have been tremendously satisfied with the materials that I have ordered. So far I have put together the 21-day email program and it has been going out for a week. This has been wonderful and it was easy to make it my own and launch.

For the most part I use Slideberry’s materials as a way to make all my extra money and help me to have content to offer above and beyond my typical “signature” program. It has allowed me to start to be successful as a new Health Coach just about to graduate. I thank you it has taken a lot of the stress out of getting started.”

– Kerry Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness

“This is a great program for getting your business up & running. I found the done-for-you materials to be very professional and helpful in establishing the foundation of my business. The step-by-step instructions for changing the content on my website helped me transform my website from a generic health coaching site to target market specific site that positions me as an expert. Ling provided effective business coaching to help me zero in on exactly what I wanted to accomplish in my business and gave great strategies on how to do it.”

Natalie Meadows, CHHC, upon completion of her Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days Program.

“Very Pleased!!! Working with Ling in her Jumpstart Program was a great experience. Before working with Ling, I was still struggling with who my niche was and my marketing message on my website was very vague and general. Through our work together I was able to get much clearer about my ideal client and began the process of updating my website content to speak to my niche…

In addition, thanks to her Done-For-You content which I received in the program, I have more to offer my clients. The content is very well done. I feel good about offering it to my clients. I am very pleased with my progress working Ling and highly recommend her to anyone looking to move forward with their business.

The fact that she is also a Health Coach helped her fully understand me and my business and what I need to be successful. I plan on purchasing more of her done-for-you products so that I can get out and do the work I want to do without spending hours reinventing the wheel. Thanks Ling!”

Katherine Merritt, CHHC, ADDP, upon completion of her Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days Program.

“I recently had a 20 minute “End Your Website Shame Strategy Session” with Ling. She did an excellent job with packing the strategy session with lots of helpful tips. I took a lot of notes during our short discussion and I have been referring back to them on a regular basis as I clean up my website.  Previously, I had also purchased “Website Reboot eCourse” and that has also been a tremendous help.

Thanks Ling for being so knowledgeable in the marketing area of consulting businesses. Thanks for helping me gain a better sense of direction for my business that is geared toward working with local clients. I will not hesitate using other programs that you have to offer.”

– Ann Tracey, Health Coach.

“My experience in working with Ling was fantastic.  She is so knowledgeable and organizedand supportive.  Her program is ideal for someone who is either starting out building an online coaching business or who is procrastinating because you don’t know where or how to start.

My schedule seems to be in overload status all the time.  One of my goals was to to develop an online business but  I was having difficulty in organizing my goals and tasks.  Ling helped me set goals and objectives for myself.  Once the goals and objectives were complete, I learned how to work backwards from a target date of completion and identify the tasks that needed to be done to make those goals a reality.

While working with Ling I was able to develop my first program to offer on my website.  I am in the process now in developing a second program. 

Ling was a fantastic resource person as well.  She introduced me to several sites that were very useful in developing my online business. I highly recommend Ling and plan to work with her again and again.  She is a wealth of information and a kind and giving heart.”

Diane Guillory, CHC, AADP, at completion of Kick Your Butt Coaching Program

“[Before I worked with Ling], I was stuck in my marketing.  My message was still too generic and not “meaty” enough to grab potential clients. I had tried working with another web/business developer 6 months ago, but it didn’t work.  She didn’t understand health coaching, IIN or where I had come from so we just didn’t work well together.  All of that was different working with [Ling]. [Ling] did a GREAT job nudging me to think deeper about what kind of client I was looking for and how I was going to give them the “hook”  to want to work with me. [Ling] reacted so quickly to my e-mail messages, which helped me to keep going deeper. 

[After working with Ling, I feel] empowered, excited and ready to go! I am so grateful that [Ling] got me back on track.  We will be working together again in the near future I know!”

– Kris Roach, CHHC, on updating her website and marketing materials.

“I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you for your dedication to this work. I havent met you in person, but i feel your deep and loving commitment and i really appreciate it. You are a beam of light and you have really inspired me in getting the word of health and wellness out to the people where it belongs! You are definitely creating a ripple effect…in between changing poopey diapers. You are just amazing!!!”

Shakti Rossano CHHC, AADP, participant of the One-Month Program Bootcamp

“FANTASTIC LING! Thanks so much for all you do! I have hired Ling to help me make the “move” to the new IIN webiste… but that is just the beginning! In the process she is helping me clarify, define, highlight WHAT I do, WHO I do it for, WHY I do it… all with her engaging interview style! My 90 minutes so far was fun, enlightening, engaging and so exciting to be on the road… with SUPPORT! There is no way I could be doing this quality of website and business development work on my own. AND the BEST PART is that she is ONE OF US>>> a FELLOW CHHC! So she totally GETS IT! No having to explain to details of what HCing is all about!

Ling honed in on [my client’s] story and how I should highlight her…. having LING to GUIDE me and set it all up and do the design is so huge! PLUS with her making me ACCOUNTABLE (as WE do with OUR CLIENTS) she is moving me along on something I would rather just avoid doing! LOVING IT!”

– Karen Rose Tank, CHHC, Princeton, NJ, on creation of her website, after her discovery session.

“I have purchased several of Slideberry’s done-for-you products and have been pleased with how easy it is to make them my own.  The content is in depth, but clear.  The 10-Day Metabolic Detox Program has made it so easy for me to jump right in and start advertising my program to clients.  I’m sure it would have taken me weeks to do the research to do this program without Ling’s help.
Thank you for making my life a little easier Ling!  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Teri Whitchurch, AADP, HHC, CNC, CHEF, CMT, CPT, LE, LM, The Organic Nook.

“Ling knows how to create a structure to focus on what’s important and keep you on track through all the “noise” of being in business. Her straightforward manner and honest approach supported me in staying motivated and continuing to take steps forward.”

Julie Stiles, CHHC, at completion of Kick Your Butt Coaching Program

“As a practicing health coach I found my website and materials needed a boost in order to attract the right people to my office. Ling Wong is the professional with a background in digital marketing, an MS in holistic nutrition, and a certification in health coaching, who understood those needs. In fact, she has created comprehensive packages to jumpstart the website and business with materials already written for you.  It couldn’t have been easier!  Ling’s approach is professional yet friendly and I found her easy to work with.  I highly recommend Ling as the “go-to-person” for all your business needs.”

– Dot DeCesare, CHHC, as progressing through Jumpstart Your Biz in 60 Days program.

“Dear Ling, 
Thank you so very much for your patience, knowledge, expertise, vision and creativity in creating an awesome website!   It was an overwhelming task and you made it so smooth and easy to do the transition into a new website.  I look forward to recommending your talents to other health coaches or for that matter to anyone who wants a fabulous website.”

– Freddi Pakier, CHC, Carlsbad, CA, on creation of her website.

“I just launched my new website RoseHealthCoaching.com and am getting RAVE reviews from friends, family and clients. They say it is so ME! [Ling] listened to my story, understood what I was trying to say, was extremely patient with me and my lack of technology expertise, and designed a wonderful and clear flow of web pages. It was lots of work for me too but no way could I have done this or made the time for each step on my own!!!! I highly recommend her website services… Plus she gets it… She is one of us …”

– Karen Rose Tank, CHHC, Princeton, NJ, on creation of her website.

“Working with Ling was nice and very easy, she was extremely helpful and very quick in getting back to me whenever I had any questions. I will definitely recommend her to my friends. Thank you.”

– Stellar B., on her experience with Done-For-You programs and the support that she gets.

“I am very satisfied with Ling’s work. She worked very diligently and I liked the outcome (updated website).  She had some very good and insightful suggestions. All in all she was nothing but a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Thanks. I will be in touch for enhancements in the near future.”

“Ling was a wonderful help to me in helping me clarify and define my website approach and most importantly for me, help with the technical aspect, which I had a hard time finding the time to learn myself.”

– Robert Miranda, CHHC, Cape Coral, Florida, on creation of his website.

” In just a 30 minute session, she gave me so much valuable advise on how to really capture an audience on my website. I have implemented some of it and during the session I had an ah-ha moment with my niche. Thank you so much Ling! I really appreciate you so much!”

– Lisa Symmes, CHHC, Chugiak, Alaska, on her 30-minute strategy session.

“After an hour’s brainstorming consultation with Ling I am [much] clearer about my website.  She walked through the web pages analysing what worked and what didn’t, giving useful recommendations on the changes that should be made. I would highly recommend Ling.”

– Sujata Din, CHHC, Singapore, on her 60-minute Website Makeover Strategy Session, during which we nailed her target market and gave her much more clarity on her website structure and content direction.

“It is all wonderful.  Thank you so much.  I am very satisfied with the website and you were so professional and helpful to work with.  I could not have done it without you. You have inspired me and I have much more clarity on what I am doing.”

– Nancy Dacy, CHHC, Austin, TX, on creation of her website.

“I immediately took some of Ling’s suggestions and did them right away. Thank you Ling! You’re the best and so kind-hearted! Ling knows her stuff everybody!”

– Shanasy Bratt, CHHC, on her 30-minute strategy session.


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