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Supercharge your message with clarity

Ok, everybody and her aunt Betty is telling you that you need to find a target market… You worked on it, over and over, and you just narrowed it down to women who want to get healthy. You know that’s not good enough, but you are stuck!!

Back to the basics, here are the practical reasons that you need to hone in on a target market:

  • It helps focus you marketing message so that your audience will think, “holy crap, she is speaking to ME! That’s exactly what is keeping me up last night! I have to talk to her to find out how she can help me!” A general “You will get health if you work with me” is not going to cut it.
    If you spend time crafting a specific marketing message for each possible group of potential clients that you want to attract, you will be writing marketing copy 24/7!
  • It allows you to better utilize your marketing budget because (I assume) you don’t have unlimited resources to cover all possible venue to communicate to each group of potential clients. Less is definitely more here – a few well-executed campaigns beat many scattered, unfocused, half-*ss efforts.
  • With a target market with a particular set of issues or concerns, you can start developing a specialty and position yourself as an expert in that area. People (1) seek out experts and (2) pay more for experts.

I know, it’s not easy because you want to help everyone and don’t want to say “no” to anyone! The truth is, you don’t have to say “no” if you are approached by someone outside your target market! Think about it this way:

  • Target market is a way to help you focus your marketing effort and hone in your expertise. If you go to a specialist, you would assume that she also has a good mastery of the basics, right?
  • If you are just trying your target marketing out for size, transitioning from being a “generalist” but don’t feel confident enough to position yourself as the expert, you can say “I work with general health and wellness, and I am developing a specialty in XYZ.”
  • Who says you cannot change your target market or your expertise as you work with more clients and explore your passion? But you do need to position yourself to attract those clients to work with in the first place to figure it out, right? (Not to mention to pay the bills…)


Are you ready to say YES to establishing a target market, crafting a message that resonates with your ideal clients
and building a reputation as an expert?

The Target Market Intensive VIP session will help you do just that! So many of my coaching clients come to me confused about their target market leave their 90-minute sessions crystal clear on who they want to serve, how they want to serve them and what they can do to position themselves in front of the right people with the right message.

The Target Market Intensive VIP session package will give you the tools and guide you through the process of*:

  • Finding and understanding your target audience
  • Establishing the value and benefits you are bringing to your ideal client – so that you can finally get out there with clarity and confidence
  • Crafting your marketing message that resonates with your target market
  • Exploring your unique selling proposition as relevant to the needs of your target market
  • Crafting an elevator speech or expert statement that encapsulates the essence of your services
  • Brainstorming ideas and next steps for your programs and services that are irresistible to your target market

You will leave this 90-minute intensive session with amazing CLARITY on the direction that you need to take to attract more clients whom you actually want to work with and create great results!

The Target Market Intensive VIP session package includes:

  • One pre-session preparation workbook to help you discover what you know and where you need help most so that we can laser-focus our effort and make the best use of the coaching session ($80 value)
  • One 90-minute one-on-one private intensive session to work through your target market, your unique selling proposition, your marketing message, and directions for your irresistible offer ($450 value)
  • Option to purchase one 45-minute follow up session at special pricing of $175 (to be scheduled within 60 days of the Intensive Session)
  • One week of follow up email support immediately after session** ($200 value)
  • $50 slideberry store credit for use on any Done-For-You material.

 Total value of package exceeds $780!

 Due to the one-on-one and extended nature of the private coaching session, availability is limited.

GET CLEAR today for just $397!

*topics covered depends on the needs and progress of the individual client – these are just examples of what can be covered during the session.

**limited to one email per day of reasonable length and depth of discussion – if topic is too broad a follow up session will be recommended



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