Surefire Formula for Free Gift Opt-In Box

Creating a free gift opt-in is a great way to entice new potential clients to sign up to receive your newsletter and other promotions. People are getting more and more discrete when giving out their email addresses – simply a sign up box asking for email and name is usually not enough to give folks enough incentive to give you their information.

Here are the essential components for creating an opt-in box for your free gift – this box should live on the upper-right side of most of your website pages:

  • Headline for your offer
  • A picture of you or your offer (even if it’s an ebook or an mp3 file. There are services that can help you design an ebook/”CD” cover for a very reasonable price)
  • Brief copy about the offer (a few bullet points that speaks to the benefits that your target market is looking for)
  • Mention FREE – even a few times
  • A form to capture first name and email address – the more info you ask, the less likely people will sign up. The minimum is email address, but then it’s hard to build a relationship if you don’t address them by name later on in your newsletter.
  • A clear call to action button e.g. Get Instant Access
  • A privacy policy – placed close to the email and first name fields

Don’t waste the real estate on your download page! Tell people about the next step that they can take with you – direct them to learn more about your services, or maybe set up a discovery session.

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