Supplementing Your Coaching Income By Incorporating Products You Believe In

by Alison Price

Although we can all agree that no “magic bullet supplement” can replace a clean, wholefoods diet, there are certainly excellent natural products available to support health. For example, it may be that your client has a specific need for extra antioxidants, requires some detox support or maybe they can’t stomach the thought of eating more greens because they just don’t like them.

From a business standpoint all clients could use supplementation of some sort. Of course I am not talking about synthetic vitamin pills; but raw, unprocessed, organic wholefoods, blue green algaes, herbs, healthy omega fats, essential oils and fermented foods.

Even those who feel they already eat well don’t do it all the time or with enough food diversity. Possibly they negate their good habits by eating the wrong kinds of “healthy” foods, preparing them unhealthily or consuming too much alcohol or caffeine. Maybe digestive health and good bacteria have been neglected, which are critical to nutrient breakdown and absorption in even the healthiest of diets. Throw in stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollution and toxins around us and we ALL could use some real food support!

Most people desire direction and are willing to pay for convenience. Clients look to you as their coach to provide them with a plan of action to regain or maintain their health. By aligning yourself with a few product lines that you believe in, you can not only give them the plan, but supply them with the tools to easily get started.

The implementation of change can be where many clients get hung up. They start with much enthusiasm and excitement and then quickly become overwhelmed. Issues with time, energy and old patterns can thwart even the best intentions. This is another area where supplements can help kick start healthy change… Don’t have a juicer? Try some raw grass juice powder. Can’t find the time to ferment your own foods? Take these probiotics twice a day.

So you’ve decided that adding products to your consulting business is good for you and great for your clients. You’ll want to select products that you can confidently recommend and explain to your clients. But where do you start? I’ve compiled a 6 step assessment to help you evaluate the products that will work best for you.

  1. Do these products align and resonate completely with your own health beliefs?
  2. Would you (or do you) take these products yourself?
  3. Have you researched the marketplace and do you feel comfortable that the quality, potency and price of these products are superior?
  4. Ideally are you offering something that your client cannot find at the store or to some degree is exclusively available through you?
  5. Since you will be entering into a working relationship with a company or companies, do you feel their values align with your business?
  6. Are there marketing materials, training and support available for the products?
  7. Are there options available to fit your situation? (for example, do you want to invest in product inventory for resale or would you rather just refer clients for commissions as an affiliate)

If a product or product line meets these criteria, you can be assured it will enhance your consulting business and generate profits. Ideally, you can offer clients a more complete package and also create consistent, residual income that will continue to build long term.

Meet the Author

headshot_sm_Alison Price has been an independent representative and business builder with Miessence certified organics since 2009. She is passionate about the power of raw foods, is an organic fanatic and fermented food enthusiast. Her own health journey led her to the Miessence product line while doing research online. She has since built her business not only servicing her own customers, but supporting health practitioners of all kinds in servicing their own Miessence customer base.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Alison via her website

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