Stop “Trying” To Be Awesome. BE Awesome.

I had an awesome coaching session with my lovely client K. yesterday. We did a lot of work on her inner game, and she has been making huge progress.

At the end of all  coaching sessions, I give my clients assignments and action steps that will move them forward on their path of having a successful and profitable coaching business.

K. said, “I will try to do…”

And I whipped out a tough love moment. I told her “trying” is not good enough – she is DOING it.

We have been doing a lot of work to stop her subconscious mind from sabotaging her efforts. And her use of the word “trying” was a subtle but tell-tale way that her subconscious mind is leaving a “backdoor” for her to not do the work that will move her forward. So that she doesn’t have to face the fear of failure or success.

Over the next week, take notice of YOUR choice of word. How does it affect how you represent yourself? What are you telling yourself and others through your communication? How does it change the way others see and interact with you?

Our choice of word reflects how we see our world. It feeds back into our brain to create the reality to match those words. What you tell yourself can foretell the results you are getting.

When you catch yourself saying something unproductive to yourself, don’t beat yourself up! That is not energy well spent. Plus, what you resist persists. Just be curious, and observe… “hmm, that’s interesting! I am saying that to myself again. I wonder what makes my mind go there?” Then just let it go. Don’t try to force an answer. When you ask a question, your subconscious mind will go to work to find the answer for you. Just be open, especially in the shower.

Just by cultivating awareness can change your thought pattern. When you are aware of the destructive thought- and verbal-patterns, you can no longer consciously do something that doesn’t serve you. According to quantum physics, if you observe something, it changes.

** 1/28 update: I just had another awesome and productive session with K. She DID the work, nailed her niche and we came up with a platform for her to confidently “get out there” and share her expertise with others.

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