Start Video Marketing Today Without Fancy Equipment (a.k.a. Imperfect Action vs Perfect Inaction)

Imperfect Action

I started using video to share ideas a couple of months ago. I decided that instead of waiting to have all the tools and equipement, waiting for my 4-month-old son to give me 45 minutes to set it all up, waiting to find a piece of wall without  my 3-year-old’s stickers, or a patch of floor big enough without toy cars or rattles, I am just going to do it with what I have.

The results are not the prettiest, but I started!

I want to share with you how I do my videos with no special equipment – just my iPhone. But when I sit down to write the how-to, I realize that it’s about a bigger message.

So, here is the video of this bigger message, and then below you will find the how-to.

And here is my set up when I do my video:

video set up

yep, that’s it.

The daylight filtered through the blinds actually works very well. And the computer screen provides the third point of lighting if you have a bright screen on (e.g. a blank word document).

I record into my iPhone, and then upload the video directly onto YouTube.

Then I go into YouTube’s editing tool and adjust the exposure, then use the annotation tool to add notes, titles etc.

Hit “publish”, bam, I have a video to share!

yep, that simple.

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  1. Great video, Ling! This is something I think so many of us ‘perfectionists’ have difficulty with: getting started before we feel we are really ‘ready’. It is certainly something I am consciously working on. Love the tips about creating 3 sources of light (especially from a blank word doc! LOL) as whenever I have experimented with video I’ve always been disappointed with the exposure. Love the work you are putting out to the world – and with two little kids, no less!

    • ling says:

      Thanks Sacha! I am glad the tips help – keep me posted and look forward to seeing your videos!

  2. Love the part when you mentioned “rubber duckies”. “toy trucks” etc – Makes it all so authentic and real!

    This is inspiring Ling 🙂

  3. I Love it Ling!!1 Great video and awesome tip. Love how open and honest you are.

  4. Hi Lady well said I have been just going for it myself because course correct is such a big piece of the puzzle and you can’t do that it you don’t move.
    Love your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ling says:

      Thank you Tammy! Get moving and taking some kind of action is definitely a big piece of the puzzle.

  5. Monique says:

    Nice Ling! Your video is pretty darn good considering looking at the set up! Thanks for the share…many many great tips! Love your websites and your offers.

  6. Ling, you always show up at the right time!! I was thinking of marketing my business this way just yesterday, now I feel I don’t have to do it perfectly, but just Do It with what I have! I’m excited to start Today. Thanks for putting together all of your awesome resources!

    • ling says:

      Love it! Synchronicity! Good luck with getting your video done and getting yourself out there through another channel!

  7. Love these know-how sharing tips – quick simple and fabulous
    Thanks Ling!

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