How To Start the New Year With a Bang For Your Health & Wellness Business

Grow Your List NOW.

People do that New Year Resolution thing. A majority of the population probably have “lose some weight” or “get healthier” or “eat better” on their lists.

You want to position yourself right there, under their nose, as the bearer of the solution of their biggest challenge or their deepest desire delivered to them on a silver platter, at the moment they make that resolution. There is no time to lose. Usually these “New Year Resolution action taking” last about a week.

If you scramble on December 31  to get “eyeballs” on your New Year Program, you are missing the boat big time.

You want to have a list of well-qualified potential clients who are aware of your expertise, your offerings and how you can help them already lined up waiting for that golden opportunity to get your support.

To get this list of WARM prospect, you need time to cultivate a relationship. You can’t add a bunch of people to your list one day, and send out an email selling a program the next day. It may work, but probably not too well.

If you want to launch some kind of program or big promotion during the New Year – and ride that New Year Resolution wave, NOW is a really good time to grow and nurture your list.

Something free that solves your target market’s gateway problem is often a great way to entice people to sign up. You can share a special report, conduct an in-person workshop, or host a teleseminar/webinar on a timely topic (positioned to appeal to your target market, of course).

After you have added a significant number of people to your list, you want to CULTIVATE the relationship by diligently communicating with them through your email newsletter, and build that “like, know and trust” factor by giving them relevant and valuable content.

Bonus tip: if you are planning a launch, you can “drip content” through your newsletter and tell your audience that they can learn more on the topic in your upcoming program (you can even entice them to stick around on your list and opening your email by telling them you are giving them a list-exclusive discount!). Not only will those interested keep their eyes peeled, it will also make it less “awkward” for some when that sales letter lands in their inbox.

Did I say you want to get out there NOW to build your list?

Doing a workshop or a teleseminar/webinar on a timely topic is definitely a great way, and there is NO TIME TO LOSE. Grab this “Cold & Flu Season COMPLETE Workshop Kit” or this Thrive This Holiday Season presentation and you will be rockin’-n-rollin’ in no time. Cheers!

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