Spring Detox For Your Biz Part 4 :: Clean Up Your Physical and Virtual Environment

Loose ends, unfinished projects, unresolved relationships, messy money situations are huge energy drains. They take away your focus and become a low-grade stress constantly humming in the background. Sometimes we don’t even recognize certain things are draining our energy in this manner until we go through the process to detox our lives and our business.

There are of course many ways you can detox your life – in this 4-part series (see previous posts here) I have shared a few areas of focus, so you can start creating more space in your business to allow more money to flow in!

Imagine being excited about (almost) everything you do in your business – who do you want to serve? Who do you want to partner with? Letting go of “energy vampires” in your business can free up space on your calendar and in your mind so more opportunities can flow in!

Today, we will look at your work environment:

Is your working environment clean, uncluttered and inspiring? Or, are you spending time (that can be put to income-generating activities) hunting for documents, notes and files? As we spend more time working on the computer, we want to make sure not only our physical environment is supporting us, but we also set up our virtual environment for success.

Remember, our environment supports our action!

For your physically environment:

  1. Set up filing system for all business-related papers and documents, and commit 15 – 30 minutes each week to clear up paperwork. You will know exactly where everything is, and you will cut them time you spend on “looking for stuff.”
  2. Opt for paperless statement for banking and other services, whenever possible. This will not only save trees, cut the paper clutter in your life, it will also reduce the risk of identity theft – which can take up a lot of your time and energy to fix!
  3. Set up a “whiteboard” area for all your work in progress, for brainstorming ideas and to plan your marketing calendar. It helps your to see everything that is going on at a glance. Being able to see your big picture can help you take focused actions that will contribute to your big vision, and move the needle the right direction.

For your virtual environment:

  1. Clean up your desktop – a desktop packed with files is not just confusing (how much time have you spent on looking for a file?), it can actually slow down your computer. Create folders to organize your files to reduce visual clutter on your desktop. Move them to your hard drive and create shortcuts of your most used folders to put on your desktop for easy access.
  2. Audit your “tech tools” – have you signed up for services you have not been using, yet being billed for every month? Are these tools contributing to your work, or are they just taking up your time to “figure them out”? Do they add to your productivity, or add to confusion? Are they helping you better serve your clients, or are they just creating more layers between you and your clients?
  3. Go on a social media diet – are you spending more time looking around to see what other people are doing than focusing on your work? Do you fall into the comparison trap, suffer from the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome or stuck with analysis paralysis? Limit the time you spend on social media, turn off email notifications of everyone’s posts, and unsubscribe from newsletters that jam up your inbox.


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