Spring Detox For Your Biz Part 3 :: Wrap Up Unfinished Projects

Loose ends, unfinished projects, unresolved relationships, messy money situations are huge energy drains. They take away your focus and become a low-grade stress constantly humming in the background. Sometimes we don’t even recognize certain things are draining our energy in this manner until we go through the process to detox our lives and our business.

There are of course many ways you can detox your life – in this 4-part series (check back often… bookmark this page!) I will share a few areas of focus, so you can start creating more space in your business to allow more money to flow in!

Imagine being excited about (almost) everything you do in your business – who do you want to serve? Who do you want to partner with? Letting go of “energy vampires” in your business can free up space on your calendar and in your mind so more opportunities can flow in!

Today, we will look at your “To-Do” List of Unfinished Projects:

Loose ends suck your energy. If you have a bunch of unfinished projects jamming up your to-do list, you will feel overwhelmed and the time you spend on looking through the list and feeling bad about it can be put to much better use!

Take a good and honest look at the unfinished business… Why are they not done? Then group them into three categories:

  1. Projects that are no longer aligned with what you want your business to do for you. They no longer serve you and they will be closed and cease to be a chatter in your mind.
  2. Projects that are still aligned with your intention yet the right time has not come. They will be left on the docket and you set an intention to be open to opportunities for them to be realized.
  3. Projects that will take you closer to your goals, and need to be done…. like, yesterday. You need to look into the reasons why they were not accomplished – look past the “excuses” you may put up for yourself (which could be pretty convincing) and uncover the fear and blocks that are holding you back. These gremlins are most likely to be holding you back from other actions and decisions as well.

As you can tell, projects that fall under the third category are great exploration and learning opportunities. Instead of beating yourself up, use them to help you grow and expand. Of course, getting to the bottom of it is takes ongoing mindfulness and efforts. But now you are aware of what is holding you back, you have a fighting chance to make a change.


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