Spring Detox For Your Biz Part 2 :: Clean Up Your Client and Business Relationships

Loose ends, unfinished projects, unresolved relationships, messy money situations are huge energy drains. They take away your focus and become a low-grade stress constantly humming in the background. Sometimes we don’t even recognize certain things are draining our energy in this manner until we go through the process to detox our lives and our business.

There are of course many ways you can detox your life – in this 4-part series (check back often… bookmark this page!) I will share a few areas of focus, so you can start creating more space in your business to allow more money to flow in!

Imagine being excited about (almost) everything you do in your business – who do you want to serve? Who do you want to partner with? Letting go of “energy vampires” in your business can free up space on your calendar and in your mind so more opportunities can flow in!

Today, we will look at your business and client relationships:

1. Clients From Hell

You see their names on your calendar, or their emails in your inbox, and you cringe. Time to wrap up the work and let them go. These are the biggest energy drain and take the joy out of your work. How can you soar in your business if you dread interacting with your clients?

Firing your clients can be scary. It’s a test to how empowered you are about yourself, how good your boundaries are around your work and your worth, and how strong your mindset is around money. Trust your Guts (which, for me, means confidence and intuition) – know that not only your intuition will tell you who needs to go, but also your confidence will guide you to stand in your power and take the right action.

2. Subpar Vendors

Vendors who don’t deliver quality products or services on time and on budget are putting undue pressure on you. As you do not have full visibility and control over the implication of such subpar work, you get stressed out – another big energy drain.

I have seen many people who put up with subpar vendors because they feel they “don’t know enough” about what the vendors do and therefore afraid to speak up for themselves. Here is what you need to know (from Ms. Project Manager): if they do no deliver on time or on budget, or their products/services do not meet the requirements that are agreed upon (note: it’s always good to have these in writing), you CAN and SHOULD “yell” at the vendor. Doesn’t matter if they are building you a website or making you cantaloupe widgets.

Why aren’t people keep putting up with sucky vendors? They don’t feel empowered to speak up, they don’t have healthy boundaries and they don’t have a strong money mindset to face that unpleasant conversation.

3. Sucky Partners

Business or JV partners who don’t live up to their end of the bargain, show up on time, or respect your time and effort should not have a place in your business. Imagine the time and energy you can free up if you don’t have to deal with these unproductive relationships!

Why do people live with sucky partner relationships? You guessed it! They don’t feel empowered to speak up, they don’t have healthy boundaries and they don’t have a strong money mindset to face that unpleasant conversation.


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