Spring Detox For Your Biz Part 1 :: Clear Your Money Clutter

Loose ends, unfinished projects, unresolved relationships, messy money situations are huge energy drains. They take away your focus and become a low-grade stress constantly humming in the background. Sometimes we don’t even recognize certain things are draining our energy in this manner until we go through the process to detox our lives and our business.

There are of course many ways you can detox your life – in this 4-part series (check back often… bookmark this page!) I will share a few areas of focus, so you can start creating more space in your business to allow more money to flow in!

Today, we will look at your money stuff…

Clear Your Money Clutter

Money likes to be paid attention to. If you don’t keep track of your money and take care of it regularly, it has a way to catch your attention – and usually you won’t like the situation. Moreover, where the attention goes the energy flows – if you want to have more money in your life, it makes sense to give it some love!

  1. Money Owed – Write down every company or person who owes you money and the amount they owe. Contact each of those companies or people and find out where your money is. Keep track of the amount and all the interactions on one spreadsheet for future follow-ups. Having a strong boundary and an empowered voice around money will be tremendously helpful in these situations.
  2. Bills and Receipts – Create one folder labeled “bills to be paid”, then pull out all your bills from counter tops, piles, etc. and put them in the folder. Look at services such as shoeboxed.com to get your expenses and receipts organized. You money stuff will become less of an inconvenience, and you are more likely to deal with it in a timely and effective manner.
  3. Payments – Create a schedule (weekly is best) for paying bills and mark the day/time in your calendar. Keep this appointment as your “money date” each week.
  4. Gift Cards – Gather up all your unused gift cards and gift certificates, cash them in, use them or spend them in the next seven days.
  5. Loose Money – Gather up all of your loose change, then exchange it for bigger bills and spend it in the next seven days. You can spend it on yourself or you can put it towards debt. You will be amazed how much money is lurking in jars, baskets, and the couch!!
  6. Wallet Love – Take out your wallet and clear out the clutter – receipts, credit cards no longer in use (better yet, cancel them!), slivers of shopping list, business cards of people you don’t remember… your money deserves a clean and classy home! If your wallet is torn, worn or shabby replace it with one that is new and that makes you happy.

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