Is Something Missing From Your Business?

Some weeks ago I had a crisis. I was knee-deep in “doing” stuff for my business. I fell into the “comparison trap” and felt crappy about myself because I was chasing after what I “should” do. One day I woke up and lost it. “I am suffering… why am I doing this?”

I looked back, and realized what I truly appreciate about having my own business for is the “blank canvas” – the opportunities to create and express myself. I like to tell people even though I studied and worked in the field of design and architecture for a quite a while, the past couple of years I spent on growing slideberry is the MOST CREATIVE I have felt for a long long time.

I love the spark. I love to challenge myself to deal with problems from a different perspective. I love to create innovative solutions. I love to question the rules and create something different. Something better.

If I am just chasing after “Should-Do’s” and miss out on what fuels me – to MAKE ART HAVE FUN – what’s the point?

Make Art Have Fun

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Business doesn’t have to be all serious and straight-faced. What would you do in your business to have more “FUN”? Like, you are not even “working”?

Of course it can’t be all rosy happy unicorns all day – we do have to do things that “feel like work” once in a while. Question is, are you working off some preconception that things “have to be a this way” in order to be successful? (And, don’t get me started on this – what is YOUR definition of success?)

Do you have some limiting belief that “if I have to earn the money, I have to work hard and it means I can’t have fun”, or “you can’t do what you love and get paid generously”?

Can you structure your business so you can spend more time doing things that are FUN for you? Things that truly tap into your brilliance? Leave a comment below and share with us what you would do more in your biz to make it fun.


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