How To Solve Your Business “Foot Pain”

When I was visiting London with my husband a couple of weeks ago, we walked all over the city for 6 hours. It was a rainy day, so I wore my crocs ballet flats which did not give me much support in the feet. I must have put too much impact on my left foot, and shortly afterwards, it started to hurt real bad. The pain continued for a week with no relief – it only got worse because of more walking. A week ago I did a very loooong pigeon pose during my yoga class, and the pain lifted! I continued with more very loooong pigeon poses over the course of the week, and I am very close to having a pair of happy feet again.

Why am I telling you this?

The solution to my foot pain did not lie in working on the foot. It came from working on the ALIGNMENT of everything from the hip through IT band down the shin and all the way to the foot.

When I returned from my trip, I spent a few days feeling uninspired and unmotivated. I was unable to pick up the work on preparing for a free training or launching the done-for-you holiday presentation. It was so bad that it hurt. I did not solve this pain by forcing myself to cough up the content – I called my coach, and we dug deep to work on some inner alignment stuff.

It was not an easy process, and it required persistence. But I got through it, and with the new insight, I felt aligned, light and at peace, which allowed me to bring those two projects to life in just one week.

I could probably get those two projects out the door without the inner work – but that’s like forcing myself to walk 3 miles with a painful foot. No fun, no joy. With the inner alignment, the work just came easily and the flow I experienced was enjoyable and inspiring.


Where is that “foot pain” in your business? If you have been dragging on something that doesn’t bring you joy, I invite you to take a step back and examine your beliefs and your identity (they are like all the muscles and tendons linking your body to the foot) and see if there is any misalignment. An incomplete/dreadful task is just the “foot”. Cultivating this awareness is an important part in building a business that makes your heart sing.

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