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Love Your Website

I hear so many people feeling challenged and confused when it comes to getting their website going so they can have a solid online presence. Even if you are doing in-person work, most people would look you up on the interwebs before they invest in your services. Even though you don’t need all the bells and whistles, it would probably pay to have a professional-looking site that you feel comfortable telling people about.

WordPress is a great tool, it is flexible, it is widely supported, you can get a load of plug-ins for free or for a song (slideberry’s shopping cart is built with a free one) and you have complete control over your site so no more “waiting for the web guy to fix a typo”. But, getting your feet wet with WP can be intimidating.

That’s why I am so excited when I heard that my friend Jenn McGroary is offering this “Love Your Website Again” video training course. After I see the oh-so-reasonable investment (less than some web guy will charge you for a sales page!) I know I have to share this yummy package with you.

Dive in, love your website.


Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks

Are you doing everything you are “supposed” to do to grow your business, but still feeling you are having one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the break?

Your subconscious mind could be the culprit that is holding you back! After listening to Jenn August’s Hypnotherapy audio for JUST ONE MONTH, I brought my business to the 6-fig mark in 15 months by reprogramming my subconscious brain.

The really cool thing is – I get to nap while increasing my abundance. How does it get any better?

Check it out today. Don’t waste another minute.


FREE Tool :: Service Listing, Client Management, Client Tracking is a FREE tool that will help you manage your client sessions and progress more efficiently.

It is easy to set up and manage, and the platform is complete with functionalities such as blog, service listing and profile etc.

It is equipped with eConsultation tools:

  • Clients are able to register
  • Clients can fill in assessment questionnaire
  • Clients can send message to practitioner via this platform so you keep all your client communications in one place
  • Clients can fill in daily log and trackers to help them stay on track
  • Clients can enroll in your service and pay via Paypal
  • You can send dietary recommendations to clients online

The platform is designed keeping SEO and lead generation principles in mind. There is sign up form on every page, and a sequence to help you engage your clients.

Take it for a spin, try it out for FREE here.


Boost Your Social Media Presence and ROI

Click here to check out the Sculpted Social Media Program – which will give you a great overview and the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn and YouTube, advanced tactics as well as tools to measure ROI. Step-by-step, clear instruction, no fluff, everything actionable and implementable right away.

In 2012, I grew my business from close to zero to hitting the 6-fig mark with $200 marketing budget, thanks to smart and strategic use of social media – among other strategies.


Build Your Online Business – Create Your Ideal Lifestyle Business

Comprehensive overview of all the digital marketing tools that you can have in your disposal as an entrepreneur – I found that very useful even after 10 years working in the digital marketing industry!

Click here to check out the various packages to suit your needs – the $10 audio book is a steal!


The Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs

This toolkit is perfect for the entrepreneur and small business who is going places and taking advantage of the powerful technological advances available at our very fingertips. It’s also for the budget conscious who still want to ensure their business looks and acts just as professionally as the big wigs but without the overhead costs of the IT, HR and marketing departments.This toolkit is designed to help you:

  • Manage your time effectively and ensure you’re at your most productive
  •  Create professional marketing campaigns for less
  • Optimize your website to attract more of the right customers
  • Better understand your customers’ needs
  • Do more of the important stuff in less time
  • Master cost-effective self-promotion
  • Effectively manage and collaborate with your virtual team
  • Create multiple streams of income on your website
  • Track and monitor your social media return on investment
  • Take charge of your finances and legal obligations
  • Empower your virtual workforce and recruit the best

Get yours here.


Grow Your Career – Become a Health Coach

The Health Coach training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition not only teaches you over 100 dietary theories and impactful coaching methods. You will also learn a ton on how to market your business so you can be financially successful. Not to mention that IIN is super supportive in helping alumni grow their practice – both “officially” and through the vast, responsive and resource alumni network.


Solid Steps to Success Kit

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown is offering her specialized advice to surviving and thriving during your first 3 years in business. In this kit, you will learn how to:

  • Rock Your Profit
  • Create a Business Plan to boost your growth
  • Set yourself up for success with Ali’s Mindset Secrets

Click here to learn more.


FREE Elevate Your Income Video Series from Ali Brown

(it’s awesome, it’s her best – I would pay for  it)

Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown is revealing some of her BEST income-generating secrets for starting and growing your own business today! Ali Brown has been in the information marketing and coaching business for over 10 years, got voted as the most influential woman entrepreneur, and was even invited to hang out with Richard Branson on his private island! Many of the well-known coaches today have been through her training programs… so why not get to the source?

In this information-packed four-video series, you’re going to learn:

  • why NOW is the BEST time to take control of your income and future, more than ever before
  • the 4 KEYS to entrepreneurial success (these are the power behind making BIG income leaps)
  • your 3 MOST important profit boosters you have in your business that you can trigger today
  • the 5 costly mistakes you may be making right nowwhen trying to grow your business
  • 3 proven strategies you can use to increase your income immediately (and we’ll show you how to implement these,step by step)
  • how entrepreneurs like you are ELEVATING their incomes and lives while growing businesses they LOVE!

Click here to get started.


FREE Resources from Ali Brown on Creating an Online Business Empire

(Ali Brown is where it all started – you would find so many of today’s “big name” coaches in her workshop just a few years ago!)

Click here to get your “Web Sales Secret” free report.

Click here to get “Grow That List” free report.

Click here to get “Ezine Publishing Profits” free report.


FREE Resources from Fabienne Federickson on Getting More Clients

Click here to get your free “Client Attraction” CD.


IMPACT Coaching Group

The International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, and Trainers launched by 7-figure coach Christian Mickelsen is a community of like-minded individuals looking to make an impact in the world through coaching. In this community, you will get support, resources and training to propel your coaching practice forward.

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