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Slideberry is inviting all health and wellness coaches and practitioners to share their expertise in building a thriving business!

You are invited to submit guest blog posts that will be featured in the “Practice Building Guest Blog” section.

My intention is to have these guest blog posts to deliver valuable marketing and business-building information to health and wellness practitioners on how to grow their businesses. The approach will be in line with slideberry’s mission to inspire, motivate and equip health and wellness coaches to explode their business and activate their marketing.

I want to create a community in which we can exchange ideas, experience and knowledge so that we can benefit from collaborating with and learning from each other.

I want to deliver a diversified array of content that represent different approaches to marketing, coaching and business building. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, nor a way to build a successful practice.

I am looking for contributors on an on-going basis. You DON’T have to be a business or marketing expert to be writing for us! If you are a health and wellness practitioner, and have experience or knowledge that you want to share (been there, done that), you are invited to contribute!

If you are not in the health and wellness field, but have marketing and business building tips and tools that you are willing to share, we would love to have you (e.g. finance, organization, business system, management, branding, team building…)!

So, what’s in it for you?

  • If you provide marketing and business coaching services, obviously it will give you more exposure and a venue to showcase your expertise
  • If you are a health and wellness coach/practitioner, it’s a great opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your area of specialty. You can make connections that will lead to referral relationships or joint venture opportunities. Telling people that you have written a topic on your area of specialty in a blog for other health and wellness pros will certainly boost your expert status.
  • You will get back link to your website, if you choose to. A great way to drive traffic and to improve your SEO ranking.
  • You will have the chance to promote your products and programs (see below for more details).

Here are just some ideas that your articles can cover:

  • Marketing and business building
  • New tools
  • How-to’s on creating certain programs or classes (e.g. how to run a successful cooking class or grocery store tour)
  • Coaching tips (e.g. how to deal with difficult clients)
  • Overview on a certain dietary approach (e.g. Paleo diet) and how you apply it to your practice
  • How to work with other health and wellness practitioners (e.g. referral or sharing office)
  • Self-care
  • Time management
  • Mindset

If you want to become a contributor, email your proposed topic/title and outline to – you can submit as many articles as you like (they will be queued up and not published in a row) for review.

Contributors’ Guideline

  • Focus on relevant and easy-to-digest content. Provide ideas and action steps that readers can implement right away. Use bullet points to increase readability. Word count recommendation is 300 – 500 words, but we focus on quality, not quantity.
  • You can repurpose your own blog posts and articles, but it is recommended that you make some adjustments to speak to the context and audience of this website.
  • Slideberry may edit the article submitted as we see fit for the post.
  • Please refrain from mentioning specific product brands/names in your article.
  • The author retains copyright to the article. Slideberry will not post the article in other venues besides without the author’s written consent.
  • You can include your website homepage URL or your email address in the author bio area. If you would like to include information about a specific program or product, please contact Ling at for details.
  • You are encouraged to share your post as much as possible.
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