slideberry Has To Die

This is not a drill. This is not a stunt.

This is for real. This is serious shit.

This is not some “redo the tagline and change the color” kind of “rebranding” – which seems to diminish the magnitude of its meaning. This is a complete redesigning, rediscovering, rebooting, reemerging of “me”.

This is “Poetic Perception Materialized” in action.

Killing slideberry is an UNtethering, UNplugging and UNdoing of “what is” – the creation of a clean slate to allow the expression of potentiality and possibilities.

As I write this, I have NO IDEA what the final form of this new iteration of my business will look like. Most people would “figure it all out” with some new offerings and new website before they “unveil” it all to the world. Not me, not now – that doesn’t feel real, nor truthful. I just jumped off the cliff and I am still looking for the “How To Sew a Parachute” manual. If I land on my face and got my brain splattered, you will know.

Right now, I am in the “suspense” mode, hanging in vast emptiness.

Reveling in the openness, receptivity and potentiality.

For me who used to always have the answer, look for the answer, fix the thing – no matter how temporary or superficial the “answer” is – this is a new space to be in. To be ok with not “knowing” right now can be a challenge (and opportunity to grow). Our need to “have the answer” has become an addiction for us googlers. For me, this vast emptiness can be a scary, and thus, empowering place.

I want to “see” more – no longer constrained by the tunnel vision of  “answers, now”. So I decide to hang in this space for a while and I invite you to come float with me. This “suspension” is not a confused kind of energy. This is INTENTIONAL, with opening up more possibilities as the “end result”.

What do I want? Self-Expression, Make Art Have Fun.

Feeling good, creating meaning, being intentional.
Heightened awareness of how I do ME in my business.

As this unfold for me over the next few months, I would love for you to be here with me – taking in the gory and the glory as you experience my process of creating a innovative way to build a business that is a full expression of our CORE essence. No more “should’s”, no more compromise.

Collage 4

{ Prefer spoken words? I have sounded it out for you: }


I have been PISSED, ANGRY, RAGING for the past few months. The realization that I have not pushed myself against the edge – thanks to a team of supportive coaches and mentors who have been nagging pushing me over the wall cliff to stop hiding behind “what has been working” and do what truly lights fires me up. The frustration came from seeing the possibilities but can’t quite yet realize their full potential in the physical reality.

Red Hot. Ravenous. Pent Up Emotions Oozing Out of Cage.

I had this urge to run away… just run, run, run, and scream, until there is nothing left inside and nowhere to go.

The Earth ends. The ground ceded. Void. Free Fall.

If I were a (fire-breathing flying) dragon, I would be soaring and burning down everything in my path. If I were on a stage, I would splash buckets of paints all over, including the audience.

Escape. Break Free.
Burst From the Belly.

It’s a Monster energy, and I embrace it. Godzilla, Beast, Fire-Breathing Dragon. Not an easy energy to work through, but it has Power, Potential and GUTS – and I dig that. It’s confrontational. It’s spikey. It has rage and it wants to destroy before something gorgeous can rise from the ashes.

FEEL Everything.

Dig where you are unwilling to look, embrace what you resist,
accept what you deny – your pot of gold awaits.

A fire this hot doesn’t happen overnight – even though I am “breaking the news” now, this has been marinating in my consciousness for a while. This article just feels like a logical conclusion.

Back in January this year, I was plugging along with the Done-For-You materials, signed a good number of coaching clients, and had the time and space to look inward and question what would really deeply fulfill ME. I was doing well, I built a business that was profitable almost from day 1, but deep down, something was nagging me.

I was craving (intellectual) adventure – to explore my potentialities and possibilities. “Staying put” is not my strong suit and I wanted to create a platform on which the only constant is change.

The thrill of defying labels. The freedom of being undefined.

It was before I got slapped with the realization that I have some mad intuitive skills. I just knew when I stop thinking and drop into my guts, I get hits of inspirations and insights that I would later think how the hell did I come up with that??!

After one particularly oxygen-depleting cycling class (that is my meditation hour), the sentence “slideberry has to die” popped into my head. A bomb, dropped, exploded. Not a fleeting thought, but loud and clear, solidly planted in my mind. It slapped me like a lightning of TRUTH.

Logical mind said, “Hmm. Ok, let’s think about that.” Heart & Guts already hopped on board and sped away in a Maserati. That’s when I knew it is inevitable – although it would take me a few months to chart my path and muster up the courage to voice it to the world.

Over the course of the next few months, everything accelerated and unraveled. The most “shattering” thing about this process: for 99.5% of my life, I saw myself as “logical”. I used my brain to excel, and I “thought and reasoned” my way into some Ivy League schools and some 6-fig jobs. It turns out my innate wiring is anything BUT logical. My hands are littered with intuitive gift marks, and my curvy headline dips all the way into the moon zone. I am uncovering a part of me that I have, until now, deemed unimportant. “Hey me, meet ME.”

WTF, my world was turned upside down.

Nowhere to hide. No backing out. The only way out is through.

This is nothing less than an identity crisis. How I perceive “me” underwent sea change. As a result, how I am to express myself through my business had to change.

There is no more hiding. If I am to live my Life Purpose as a Visionary Artist in the Spotlight, I have to step up and use my gifts. Loudly, Unapologetically, Visibly.

The COURAGE to take my Heart, flip it inside out and SEE what is really in it.

Behind the scene is not enough – turns out I am a sucker for recognition (that, too, is part of my Life Purpose) and I have been suppressing that part of me. I have been denying the part of me that craves acknowledgement because of some preconception about “humility” and the Fear of being Vulnerable, of being criticized.

This is where I am to stretch and grow – as a person, as an entrepreneur.

Declare what I am and claim the hell out of it. Psychic, Empath, Wealth Generator, Reflector, Creative. Poetic Perception Materialized in gutsy, no BS ways.

There is nothing formulaic about ME in my core. It’s not template and checklists. It’s not boilerplate cookie-cutter follow-the-leader. It’s not “me-too”. It’s not systems and blueprints.

I see myself as a Rebel with a Purpose. I don’t go around smashing things for the hell of it, but I am not afraid to do it either.

Entrepreneurial Identity Crisis

I started selling Done-For-You materials in the way I was doing it because it gave me an innovative and creative outlet. As I learned and grew in the process, I had to be honest to myself and admit that the “fun factor” of self-expression and creativity has diminished. The fire has dulled and that was a sign of a desire to grow, to expand, to move forward.

I looked at the evolution of my blog articles and the pattern was undeniable. I can’t get myself to write another plain vanilla “7 Tips to xyz” anymore. Reflection on the articles I find to show my “real voice”, I knew where I have to go. The sense of Inevitability is Undeniable.

I started to see the irony about pre-written materials vs. self-expression. I knew there gotta be more than just banging out pre-written stuff. I don’t want to drown out other’s voices! My original intention was to help my clients reduce the time spent on creating content while encouraging them to have their own voice in their products and programs.

Contradiction is good. It makes me think and forces me to be INTENTIONAL.
Conflict highlights misalignment and guides me to look for resolution.

I wanted more. I needed to do something that is so uniquely me that no one else can do it the way I do it.

Bottom line: I want to build a platform that allows people to pay me for being ME.

No more “behind the scene” – slideberry has taken me where I need to be for the next layer of emergence that is about putting all of ME on the line. 110%

slideberry is created from a “logical”, “reason”, “frontal cortex” energy – great place to be, but it has run its course and it’s time to let it go to take flight.

The rift created by the different energies of “slideberry” and the “new direction” is widening, and it shows in the physical manifestation of “results.” I suppose I could be like “most people” – figure it all out and rebrand the whole thing before telling my peeps about it. But then I am not “like most people.” I am not here to play it the “safe” way – I am here to do it the way that thrills my soul. I know the missing pieces of the puzzle for getting clarity right now is voicing it – declare it, even though I have no idea what the final form will look like.

The first thing I do with my clients is finding “alignment” in their expression – I believe with my whole Heart that this is the way to freedom and big bucks. I am here to walk my talk.

My genius lies in kicking my clients’ ass (in the most loving way) so they can nail their schticks and claim their superpower, find their voice and express their true selves in their businesses. Business is not an excuse to drown our uniqueness. I can often tease out these “big stuff” in just one or two sessions… shit that people spend 2 years “trying to figure out in their heads with no avail.” Finding their passions and power comes first; strategies and tactics come second to support their vision – not the cart in front of the horse. DISCERN with the guts and execute with the intellect. And I can lay it out in front of them to see plain as day.

Do I TRUST that this is where my Big Bucks lie? After all, this is a business decision.

Heart & Guts: Be the Psychic that you are, be unapologetic that YOU are the closest thing to an “Easy Button To Ultra Clarity” your peeps can come by. Not that many people can bypass the “logical mind” and get right to the CORE essence to create breakthrough in just 30 minutes. Admit it, you love nailing the “core” of a problem – it gives you fire, way more fire than just banging out content and staying behind digital files and a shopping cart system.

Head: How are you going to sell “Poetic Perception Materialized?” The Done-For-You stuff is tried and true. It HAD been bringing in the dough. It workED. What about your list? What if they leave? What if it doesn’t work out and you lose the market? What if it’s just wishful thinking? What if… (and a bunch of other BS one can hide behind and still *think* that she is being level-headed.)

ME (Truth): Head is looking into the PAST. Heart & Guts is my CORE. What has brought me to where I am today may not be the appropriate vehicle to keep riding on. Horse and buggy worked for a while, until Model T came along. DFY stuff helps people get out there faster than they can on their own, but getting ultra clarity in the way I do it – they can get where they really want to be EVEN FASTER!

Duh, I just built a Tesla for my peeps.

Let go.  Death-gripping has never served me.
Yet the FEAR of LACK lingered in my throat.

Fear wants to hold on to the “defined” – the “at least it works if you call yourself [insert label]”. Truth tells me that is an illusion. My identity is not defined by my business name, my website or what others perceive me to be. The best thing I can do is to ride the evolution train my way and enjoy the adventure.


The undoing of my gunk – preconception, definition, judgment, conclusion etc. is what created such huge opening for me so rapidly. It also helped me muster the Guts to jump off the cliff while I have no idea where the “how to sew a parachute” manual is. I am forever in debt to those who have the courage, integrity and insight to serve up the TRUTH in my face – no BS, no sugarcoating, no hiding behind “seemingly-logical” stories.

EXCAVATION. I am here to help my peeps dig up their real selves.

DETONATION. I am here to blow away blocks, limits and stories.

Come out FREE and CLEAR. FAST.

You will know when you hit gold because you get that heart-wrenching, gut-punching feeling. And I can give that to my peeps fast – bypassing the thinking, the logics, the stories, the facades, the “what is supposed to be”, the definition, labels and preconceptions. There is no lie when you just go straight to the CORE.

I want to offer my peeps the closest thing to an Easy Button when it comes to detonating their blocks, freeing them from their stuck-ness and zooming them forward in a direction that aligns with their Truth.

I invite you to UNDO the box you have put yourself into in the form of preconception, definitions, limiting beliefs, and other people’s shit. UNDRESS the layers of identity and get to the CORE of what you are made of. UNRAVEL the “should’s” so you can fully express your unique self in your business – and there lies your big bucks.

Now What??! (Let’s get back to Earth)

I am working through lot of stuff, so  (that’s BS, things are always changing and I will never have it “all ironed out”) So, how do you feel about RED, black and white for my website?

  1. Done-For-You stuff is staying put. I won’t be putting a lot of energy into banging out new products or actively promoting this side of the business, but what is here now is not going away (for the near future) because they have their place and their value for my health and wellness peeps and no, I don’t mind making a few bucks from materials I have created. Here is the thing though – I am the boss so I can change my mind any time I want about the “near future” thing.
  2. Me putting less energy on done-for-you materials does not mean it’s not “good”. It is a great business model and it has generated a lot of income for me. For the first time, I will be teaching those who want to add an additional stream of income by providing DFY materials in their field of expertise to their community. Announcement will be coming your way in the next month or two… meanwhile, if you want to hop right in (you know, early bird gets the worm) shoot me an email and let me know – I may even open up a few spots at “pilot program” pricing.
  3. I am working with an awesome coach on creating a brand* that is fully, truly me – so expect to see a new biz name and a gradual (or abrupt, who knows, I am the boss) transition to some new visuals on the website. I will still write the way I write, guts, grits and all. (*Not sure if “brand” is the right word… Brand, originated from using a hot iron to create permanent mark on skin. I want to be fluid. I don’t want to be tied down, boxed in, and hold myself to one thing that may tie me down… anyhoo…)
  4. While I am doing this “rebranding” thingy I will just put my name and my mug everywhere so you know that’s ME you are hearing from. Sticking my neck out into the spotlight and claiming it.
  5. As logistics goes, most likely there will be a new URL soon but will be redirected so you won’t lose me 🙂 And you will still be hearing from me every week with more gut-punching thought-provoking content if you are on my mailing list.
  6. I will be offering more personalized type of services (e.g. intuitive “reading” “unraveling” and coaching) leveraging my intuitive skills to give you “magic bullet” style solutions that is unique to YOU. I am already doing this with my coaching clients and they are getting amazing results.

Why not start NOW?

Instead of spending the time and money to put yourself through yet another “program”, read 30 more books or journal till you turn blue, why not just have your confusion, frustration, shit and gunk UNDONE FOR YOU in just 30 minutes?  Truth – I am not going to hand you the entire business plan, marketing roadmap or solve your technical issues. But what you get is THAT nugget to work on – THE nugget that will unravel everything, get you unstuck and reveal to your ultra-clarity.

>> Here is your EASY BUTTON.

p.s. Truth – this is when I can use some love and support after mustering all the guts I have to hit the Publish button. Leave a comment to share your thoughts and tell me how I can best serve you in this new direction!

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