How To Get Your Signature System To Make More Money For You

A lot of coaches have a signature system that they take their clients through step-by-step to solve their problems. Your signature system doesn’t have to stop with your high-end one-on-one or long-term group-coaching program, which you have to spend months to take your clients through the system and implement the changes. You can use the same steps and information to create products or programs of smaller scopes that will still deliver value but of a lower price point and shorter time commitment – which are great ways to get people to start working with you. Also, if you have done your due diligence in understanding your target market as you developed your system, and if your system has proven to be successful and attractive to your market, you can be pretty much sure that the individual steps and the solutions that those steps provide also speak to the people you want to work with and sell to.

And the process can be pretty simple. List out the steps you always take your clients through when they participate in your “comprehensive” program – that’s the basis of your signature system. Developing a signature system is a whole other topic in and of itself, which I am not going to get into.

Now step back and see if there are topics within these steps that can standalone and be presented independent of other steps. Pull them out, and those are the topics that you can develop an intensive workshop, a 4-week coaching program, or a home-study program/information product on. Chances are, there will be quite a few of them – you may even discover that within one step you can find more than one topic to expand upon and develop into a product or program. The really cool thing is that you already have a strong knowledge base and a lot of materials to work from so you are not starting from scratch! Now you just need to choose a format that is appropriate for the materials, attractive to your target market and that you are comfortable working with.

Isn’t it nice not having to reinvent the wheel?

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