UNDONE-For-You :: On “Showing Up” and “Trusting”

Everyone is patting everyone else’s back for “showing up” on things. It’s getting cliché, as in, we want to make the other person feel good by complementing him/her for just being physically “there” in the room, clicking a button to attend a webinar, or pushing a few buttons to be on a call. And everyone walk away being “socially acceptable.”

Somewhere along the way, “showing up” got diluted. “Showing up” can become mechanical. “Showing up” can become an “out” so we feel like we are doing something, without doing what MATTERS. We can hide behind “showing up” so we keep ourselves busy and don’t have to stare whatever we are deeply resisting in its face (hint: what you resist is also very like where you need to grow most.)

We can just choose to show up to things we want to show up for – which also means we can cherry-pick and not show up to things that are difficult, that push our limits, that challenge our beliefs, that make us uncomfortable – even though we know, heart of hearts, that doing that thing is in alignment with our core essence and our soul vision. That it will stretch us, dare us and make us better.

Can we all pledge to hold ourselves to a higher standard when we SHOW UP? Not just show up to things that are “convenient” so you can check some crap off the list and say “yeah, I have made my effort.”

show up

Show up to what MATTERS to expressing your CORE essence and achieving your SOUL vision. While you are at it, SHOW UP to whatever shows up to you. (I swear I have to find a better word for “soul”… it’s starting to get tossed around too much and lose its meaning.)

We don’t always have a choice for how things will turn out. I don’t advocate muscling through everything and ignoring how we feel. I am not for “finishing” projects that are no longer in alignment with your core.

But if what you are in is the process that will bring you closer to clarity and alignment, we gotta ride it even if all it does right now is punching you in the face. Spit out the blood and PUNCH BACK like you mean it.

The test is not just to “be there”- the GROWTH and the magic happens when you are all in and be PRESENT even when shit happens.

It’s not the “things will get better if you have faith, think happy thoughts and say positive affirmations, love and light” kind of thing. No, No, No. I am not here to make you feel better (hmm, that’s “emotional”, temporary). I want you to BE better (that’s kind of like, “spiritual”, permanent).

It is about DISCERNING what is yours
and what is other people’s shit.

And then having the balls to stand up and do what is right for YOU.

You think you don’t have “boundary issues” because you are “charging enough” or “not saying yes to everything”? Think again.

Are you listening to other people’s “should’s” all day (maybe disguised as “researching” or “training”) at the expense of creating the space you need to let your own voice come through? Are you accepting “what is supposed to be” without questioning if that is what YOU are supposed to BE? Are you allowing other people’s thoughts, ideas, philosophies and whatever shit trample all over your “mental boundary” and muffle out what your core essence has to tell you because you don’t trust yourself, or you fear that you are not “good enough”?

Are you trying to define YOU by other people’s notion of “success”?

(hmm, get over that 6-figure business crap already… where is your joy?)

Following your Hearts & Guts to express your CORE vision is not always rainbows and unicorns. Often times, when you gain the deeper awareness and change your course, the outward expression of things (e.g. the growth or revenue of your biz) can take a dip because on the “physical plane”, it is impossible to bring everything into alignment simultaneously. And misalignment causes inconsistent results.

As if I am not flossing your brain deep enough,
let’s whip out TRUST and throw it into the mix…

The kind of deep trust you develop when you make space to let your soul flow through and KNOW exactly where you need to go. It is what will pull you through as you encounter those intense self-doubting, WTF-am-I-doing moments when the “outward expression” of things are not catching up with your new-found clarity.

Trust – oh, is that another catchphrase. It makes us feel “good” to tell ourselves that someone/something will be there to catch us. But if you stop there, you are not yet trusting. If you keep saying “I have faith that the universe will bring me abundance” but turn around and switch into “panic self-doubt curl-up-and-suck-my-thumb” mode, you are not yet trusting.

TRUST is not an intellectual exercise like a word you just toss around and call it a day. You can *think* about trusting till you turn blue. You can recite positive affirmations and think happy thoughts till the cows come home, but if you don’t EMBODY the TRUST, you are still playing the yo-yo diet of “roses and unicorns” then “pain and gore.”

Sometimes, trusting is about going at it even if we can’t see the full picture. Trusting can just mean DO WHAT’S IN FRONT OF YOU – put one foot in front of another even if you are dragging along in the mud only knowing you are heading the right way for YOU.

Athletes – when they are in the field, they run, swim, bike, hit the ball… or do whatever they do to get to the finish line. They don’t stop every 5 minutes and analysis if they are going the right direction. They KNOW the finish line is there. Gumption. Turning Pro.

Most of us, sadly, are OVERTHINKING trust and UNDER-FEELING it.

Where does TRUST live in YOUR body? When in doubt, bypass the brain and get to where Trust lives – turn it up and and be on your way.

Trust is a TRUTH so stop treating it as a fact.

We can think and analyze and categorize and intellectualize facts. We can only KNOW truth. My truth doesn’t have to be your truth, but for 99% of the time, facts are objective and we can probably agree on it.

TRUTH dies when we try to think and analyze and categorize and intellectualize it.

Your truth is yours and yours alone. Nobody – no guru, expert, shrink, spouse or best friend – can hand you YOUR truth. Others can hold the flash light and help you see it, but you gotta be the one to realize it, claim it, live it and embody it.

Stop looking for TRUTH outside of you. It’s not there.

Don’t let the Fear of “Not Enough” make you think you need someone else to tell you what is best for your expression of you. Don’t let the Fear of Change hold you back from changing your course when things are “plugging along nicely” even though you are not really “feeling” it. Don’t let the Fear of Being Vulnerable make you shut your mouth because you are worried what other people may think of or say about your truth.

And yes, it can be f–king exhausting…

Because when you get tired, you can’t just grab something off the interwebs and hide behind it. Or doing some “busy work” other people would praise you for and call it a day. It’s just YOU – exposed, naked, scrutinized… so are you game for it?

And no, I am not going to say something nice to convince you to find your truth.


If you are game for it, take the first step to meeting YOU – how you do your biz is a great mirror to who you are at the core. When building a business, every preconception is be tested, every belief is challenged, every boundary is poked. If you want to save yourself the agony of spending thousands of dollars on programs and trainings, or spending endless hours to journal till you turn blue – the Business Soul-Mining Session is your ticket to Ka-Ching! Clarity.
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