How To Share and Monetize Your Gifts

handI am starting off by sharing something personal. I had a hand analysis done recently and was told I have 6 gift marks.

Apparently I am a bit of a rare breed – only 2-3% of the US population have multiple gift marks. Net net, I am super creative and intuitive (Heart & Guts, go figure), and I am cut out to be a “go deep” kinda coach (although I am still a sucker for results).

My gift is to help you FIND THE SOUL OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Here are the details and what they mean for you:

A Persephone Headline that goes all the way into the moon zone –
my Poetic Perception will guide you to express your SOUL in your business.

An Apollo Star that screams Creativity – I am here to show you creative and innovative strategies to build a profitable business your way.

A Line of Genius – I have the ability to distill complex conceptual stuff into something that is easy to understand and take action on. I have used this to help clients see their problems from a whole new perspective that takes “overwhelm” out of the equation.

Two Neptune Stars that are signs of an Empath – it is natural for me to “click” into my clients’ desires, challenges and problems then help them at the deepest level so they can get unstuck for good and move forward in a big way. If “procrastination”, “perfectionism” and/or “playing small” are your kryptonite – we need to talk.

A “huge” Saturn Star means I am a “Wealth Generator” – not just money, but also resources. I am here to help you upgrade your money mindset so you too can generate awesome income while expressing yourself through your biz. After working with me for just 2 sessions on her money mindset, one client generated 2/3 of her monthly income in one day!

Two Moon Stars that are signs of a “Gifted Psychic” – while I am not here to tell your fortune, I use my Deep Knowing to tap into your Heart & Guts to help you find your path in your business – and grow it in a way that is aligned with your Truth.


Now that I am putting it out there – claiming it – there ain’t no turning back!

What about you? Here are a few steps for YOU to claim your gifts and make a great income from them (see, with my Saturn Star, I am not shy about putting your divine gift and money in the same sentence!):

1. Find ’em

Be it journaling (e.g. by reflecting back on your past and your big wins) or having some kind of readings/coaching done, the first step is to identify your gifts. If you have any “I am not good enough” kind of thing going on (the fear of inadequacy) – which could be manifested as the “virtue” called “humility” or the frustrating thing called “procrastination” – you may want to get some help to let yourself fully see and accept your awesomeness.

Take a few moments to bath in your own limelight.

2. Claim ’em

Don’t let whatever gifts you want to put out to the world keep swirling in your head. WRITE THEM DOWN somewhere. When you see it “on paper”, there is an energy of clarity and commitment. You are declaring to the universe that you are ready to step up and live up to your calling. Ideally, do something public (e.g. on your blog – see what I am doin’ here?) to tell the world, and yourself, that you are all in.

3. Monetize ’em

Now we add the “marketing bit” to the mix. It is about positioning and communicating your gifts to your ideal clients so they understand how they can benefit from your divine calling. What are their deepest desires, biggest challenges and most annoying pain? How can your gift add to your expertise in solving their problems?

This is your Unique Selling Proposition. This is your secret sauce. This is the juice that people will pay you big bucks for.

When you are able to communicate how you can help your potential clients, they will be able to see the immense value you deliver. (hey, no more “I can’t afford it”!)

This last part really requires that you “put yourself out there” in a somewhat “shameless way” to flaunt your talent. This is when the rubber meets the road in the mindset and confidence department (btw, I love helping my clients experience massive breakthroughs in this area). Again, if you have that “humility” thing going on, dig a little deeper – are your afraid of being inadequate? Are you not confident about your self-worth?

It is your DUTY to share your gifts. And it is your RIGHTS to monetize them (damn, they are yours!)

Don’t sell yourself short because if you do people aren’t getting helped and you ain’t getting paid. Nobody wins.


Ready to FIND THE SOUL IN YOUR BUSINESS and monetize your gifts? Grab a complimentary My Biz My Way Breakthrough Session and we will rock it out.

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