The Second Between “1” and “Cross the Line”

I just got back from a sweaty spinning class with my fav instructor.

During the hard efforts, he would do a count down towards the end, “4, 3, 2, 1, cross the line.”

My challenge is not the first 40 seconds of the effort. It is the ONE second between “1” and “cross the line”. When I hear “1”, the mind goes “phew! It’s over” and I slow down. But “1” means there is one more second left in the effort before the line is crossed. This is the hardest second, and it’s the gutsy second. This is when the mind wants out and your Heart & Guts pull you through.

My challenge is to keep the monkey mind out of the way so I can hold out that one extra second after “1” is called. It probably won’t even burn  an extra calorie – but when you are racing, and chasing, would you let go of your effort when you are a nose away from the finish line?

It is GUTS, and discipline. To recognize where you “let up” subconsciously and then put the effort and awareness in to stay with it. To call yourself out at the split second when you are going to choose the easy way out. Reign it in.

In running and promoting our businesses, we face such moments over and over. It is not just right at the finish line – more often, it’s further up the process. We let up on our effort or change direction against our better judgment (aka intuition) because the monkey mind goes into doubts, falls into comparison trap, gets sidetracked by bright shiny objects and succumb to fear-driven behaviors. The itty bitty shitty committee in our heads starts chattering. We lose faith in our intuition and look for some magic bullet outside of us for an easy way out.

The (subconscious) decision may be made in a split second without you even being aware, but it can derail you for weeks and even months. You lose the GUTSY and you go with the easy way out.

I wish our forehead would light up in read when this happens… no luck. We have to become expert in recognizing our “easy way out” behaviors and when you see it happen, you ask yourself what you are really avoiding.

These “easy way out” behaviors can look totally legit. Like mine – when I stall, I resort to “sales page therapy” – I would be writing and coding sales page for products and programs I am planning to launch 2 months away, just for the hell of it. I know there is something I need to do that I am avoiding.

What is it for you? Is that signing up for yet another training program hoping it will finally give you the “missing piece”? Is that tweaking your newsletter the 10th time and wondering if you should use “a” or “the”? Is that researching the latest tools and technology while all you need right now is the basics to get going? Is that being screen-sucked into reading everything you can find on one topic even the 20th article sounds pretty much like the last 19?

When you see yourself engaging in your “easy way out” behavior, be honest and call yourself out.


If you have been spinning your wheels, whether it’s legitimately overwhelmed or being sabotage by that itty bitty shitty committee in your head, I am here to help you unstuck. Let’s have a chat – won’t cost you a thing, and you have a ton to gain.

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