Sales Page Secret: How to Sell the “Features” of Your Program (My Geek Revelation)

I often do this geeky thing, without me even realizing, when I open packages of things that I buy – even for baby bottle and toddler toothbrush – I read the “features” on the packaging.

In fact, as a kid growing up in Hong Kong with Chinese as my everyday language, I learn a lot of my English that way. (ok, I digress)

But, if you look closely, those features are written in a way that ties them to the BENEFITS they are delivering. E.g. the “double nibble” construction in the baby bottle “helps prevent colic”. The ergo-design rubberized handle on the toddler toothbrush makes it easy for both little hands and adult hands to grip.

Plus, these features are often printed on the back of the box – not the front. On the front, you get big bold claims on the BENEFITS that the product delivers. Your attention is grabbed by the benefits first, so you will actually pick up the product an learn more about it.

And, I realize that I would only geekily read such information if it explains how the features can help deliver the benefits and solve my problems. I have absolutely ZERO interest in reading technical manuals on how to put a carseat together, which only tells me about the feature without explaining to me what they are doing for me (despite that, my husband still comes to me whenever he is stumped when assembling anything.)

How does this observation inform how you can sell the features of your programs on your sales page?

First, you need to make people want to READ your sales page – so you don’t lead with the features. That’s why text explaining features are always on the back of the packaging. You need to first grab attention with a bold headline and a list of benefits.

A lot of coaches will tell you focus on the benefits and devote only 10% of your sales page to features. But even when it comes to features, there is a little talked-about secret…

When you get to the feature portion of your sales page, instead of just listing them out like a grocery list with items waiting to be checked off, tie each feature to the benefits or how the feature can benefit your client.

A couple of examples:

  • For the “feature” meal plan and shopping list: “A 14-day meal plan with shopping list so that you know exactly what to eat during your program. It will save you time and guesswork shopping and cooking for your meal, and make sure that you are eating food everyday that will enhance the results of this program.”
  • For the “feature” email support: “Unlimited email support beween sessions so that you can have your burning questions answered without having to wait till the next caoching session. You will get the support to help you stay on track, take action, and achieve amazing results.”

Get the idea?

Good, now write a kick-butt sales page.

What sales page? You ask. If you don’t know where to start with writing a sales page, or want the secret sauce from what I have invested a ton of time and money to learn from many experts and coaches – get this Killer Sales Page template (scroll halfway down the page). Use it over and over again to launch anything you want – without the stress and sweat, wondering if you are making the best use of your sales page. All for $19 – yep, that it!


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