Detox Program Launch System

A PLUG+PLAY Tool Kit to TurboCharge the Success of ANY Detox Program

You have a kick-butt detox program, but it won’t do you any good if it’s just sitting pretty on the shelf, right?

Marketing, promoting and launching a program takes just as much time and effort, if not more, as creating and running a program.

  • You cannot just stick a few flyers up at Whole Foods and hope for the best.
  • You cannot send a single email to a list of 99 people (half of which are your relatives) + your cat and hope for a 20% conversion rate.
  • You cannot make your offer in a preview call without any follow up, hoping people will actually take the trouble to type in the URL and find your sales page.
  • You cannot put a sales page up on your website with just a few lines of what they get in your program, hope someone will stumble upon your page and be convinced.
  • You cannot tell your referral partners about the program and hope that they will take the trouble to type up some email and spread the word for you.

There are many channels you can promote a program – you have to know what levers to pull, and be consistent about your effort, in order to have a successful program launch (and big payday).

Now imagine you have a SYSTEM that will:

  • Give you all the launch materials you need to take the TIME, EFFORT, STRESS and SWEAT out of that content creation bit
  • Free you up from promotional copy writing so you can get back to doing what you do best
  • Map out what channels to use and what levers to pull to maximize your exposure to your target market and ROI
  • Allow you to learn while you implement (and generate revenue). You will be able reuse the system and materials over and over again – not just for your detox program but adapted for your other products and program launches!

oooh, I hear a sigh of relieve!

excuse free zone


You know the benefits of having a short-term detox program that you can lather, rinse and repeat – it helps you bring in more clients at a lower price point, diversify your business model and your offerings, as well as leverage your time and effort.

A detox program can deliver a lot of benefits, so it’s a great service to offer to a wider range of clients and get amazing results. It’s particularly great if you are just starting out and trying to hone in on your target market. It also provides an awesome opportunity for you to leverage and diversify if you have a well-established practice but want to get out of the 1:1 hour-for-dollar model.

{Keep reading even if you don’t have a detox program ready… I’ve got a solution for you!}


But, like I said, if you have an awesome program but nobody knows about it, it won’t do anybody any good.

So instead of writing yet another detox program, I am giving you

the tools and materials to MARKET, PROMOTE and LAUNCH your own program.

I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning and implementing program and product launches. The problem with these coaching programs is, they teach you what to do, but hell, you still have to spend the time and effort to cough up the content and package them up pretty!

I want to make your next detox program launch a super-easy paint-by-number process for you. I will give you everything you need to attract as many potential clients as possible to your launch call/workshop, breeze through the event and have the opportunity to tell them about your awesome program.

Not only will you get all the Done-For-You materials that you can use for various purposes, you will also get pre-written promotional copy and a ton of strategies, tips and check lists on how to promote your launch call and how to follow up so that people will actually BUY your program.

News Flash: spring is here and it’s prime time to roll out your detox program!

You don’t want to spend another month putting your launch materials together, then another month sweating and stressing, trying to figure out how to promote your program.

You don’t want to miss the train!


Rock Your Detox

Here is what you will get in this super-easy paint-by-number ROCK YOUR DETOX Program Launch System:

Special Edition Done-For-You Materials

The content focuses on cultivating awareness – how toxic our environment is, symptoms of toxicity, and some simple action steps to show detox doesn’t have to be complicated. If you audience is not aware that their health challenges may be caused by toxicity, they won’t be sorting out solution – your detox program. This content will help you create the demand and position you as the expert who can provide the solution – a perfect platform to introduce your detox program as a next step.

These materials are completely customizable so you can edit and add your own branding.

  • Detox 101 Done-For-You Workshop PowerPoint Presentation ($59 retail value) – run an in-person workshop and have your program as the “back of room” sale. Or use it as outline for a launch call or slideshow for a webinar to launch your program. View sample slides here.
  • Detox Basics Done-For-You Article pack ($19 retail value) – 5 articles to “drip content” using your blog and newsletter, generate buzz and anticipation, as well as position yourself as an expert.
  • Detox Fundamentals Done-For-You Program ($89 retail value) – promote a 2 or 3 part teleseminar or video series, which can create higher engagement than a one-time launch call. View sample content here.
  • Detox Special Report ($19 retail value) – grow you list with highly qualified prospects to whom you can later market the program. See what it covers here.

Exclusive Plug-and-Play Promo Content

  • Sample Pitch Email – pitch your workshop to local health food stores ($19 value)
  • Workshop Promotion Flyer Template in .docx format ($29 value) – spread the word about your workshop or launch call
  • Workshop Promotion Postcard Template in .docx format ($29 value) – leave them at local gym, yoga studios, and your referral partners’ offices
  • Preview Call Website Sign Up Copy ($39 value) – description of your launch call you can use on your website’s sign up page. Don’t assume people will sign up just because it’s free. Respect their time, tell them what they are in for.
  • Preview Call Email Promotional Copy ($49 value) – a 3-email sequence to share this event with your list. Also give this to your referral partners so they know what to tell their lists – don’t leave your branding and messaging up to chance!
  • Follow Up Email Reminder Sequence ($49 value) – a 3-email sequence to increase the chances people who sign up will actually attend! Build anticipation and remind them about the event.
    **PLUS, one little secret to get more people to call in live!**
  • Post-Call Follow Up Email Sequence ($49 value) – a 4-email sequence to make sure your list knows about the next step – i.e. join your program!

Launch Coach in Your Pocket

Marketing Strategies and Promotional Ideas ($109 value) – tips, checklists and how-tos so you can get the most out of these promotion materials and Rock Your Detox! No more “What am I going to do with this bag of goodies?”

  • My secret sauce on using content for program promotion and launch
  • A few words and phrases that will make them buy
  • How to deploy the Done-For-You Materials to get the biggest bang for your bucks
  • Practical tips on using the Plug-and-Play Promo Content. I will also tell you why I wrote the way I wrote, so you can learn the principles and apply them to any promo copy you create
  • Strategies to boost your program launch
  • Program Promotion Activities Checklist – no more “uh-oh! How did I miss that?”

Total value of all these awesome goodness: $529

But, that’s not all…


Bonus #1 :: A Loyal List That Will Buy Anything From You

For a blockbuster launch, you will need an awesome list. Not only number matters, but your list also needs to be responsive and loyal. Imagine a list that will buy anything that you offer. Hmmmm… Yummmm…

To help you turbocharge your list building and email marketing effort, so all the materials in this package can work even harder for you, you will get:

  • “30 Tactics to Boost Your Email Marketing” Guide ($29 value)
  • “The Nuts and Bolts of List Building” Guide ($30 value)

Bonus #2 :: No Confusion, Just Action

Never again wonder what you should be doing or what tools to use. I am taking this paint-by-number approach to the max with:

  • Product Launch Timeline ($19 retail value)
  • Resource Recommendation Guide ($20 value)


Phew! I got tired just typing up everything you will get to MARKET, PROMOTE and LAUNCH your detox program in this ROCK YOUR DETOX Launch System!

Simone S

Right about now, you are drooling and wondering, how much does this juicy package cost?

Sigh of relieve (again), nothing close to its at least $627 value.

I am making it a no-brainer investment for you.

You Pay ONLY $207 – a $420 Saving

Yep. All the goodies to help you successfully launch your kick-butt detox program that is going to bring awesome results to your clients and make them want to continue working with you!

*** What People Are Saying…***

“The [ROCK YOUR DETOX] System helped me run a very successful group detox including a preview teleseminar series that added **300 new subscribers** to my list. I also repurposed  the detox materials to create a report that bring me **at least 5 new subscribers every week** when they download it…

The materials have basically helped me increase my list size, increase my income and helped me to build community effortlessly, as I haven’t had to wrack my brains coming up with editorial content and I have saved time on preparing materials that would have otherwise taken me forever to put together myself. Ling’s materials are so easy to use in many different ways, and it is also easy to use the content as inspiration and to then put your own slant and voice into it, making it unique. Ling has been a godsend for me as I build my business while also working full time. I could have done it myself, but not having to has given me more time to work on the things that really matter, and I have seen my business soar in the last 6 months.”

~ Simone Samuels, Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach,

“I have purchased several of Slideberry’s Done-For-You Programs and have been pleased with how easy it is to make them my own.  The content is in depth, but clear.  The 10-Day Metabolic Detox Program has made it so easy for me to jump right in and start advertising my program to clients.  I’m sure it would have taken me weeks to do the research to do this program without Ling’s help.

Thank you for making my life a little easier Ling!  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
~ Teri Whitchurch, AADP, HHC, CNC, CHEF, CMT, CPT, LE, LM

“Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials give me many more options and ways to reach potential clients than saying ‘I have a 6 month  program.’…Material for presentations (the hardest thing to put together in my opinion) and it got me start creating audio programs which would have been a distant thought without Slideberry’s Done-For-You New Year Group Program.

I have been tremendously satisfied with the materials that I have ordered… For the most part I use Slideberry’s materials as a way to make all my extra money and help me to have content to offer above and beyond my typical “signature” program. It has allowed me to start to be successful as a new Health Coach just about to graduate. I thank you it has taken a lot of the stress out of getting started.”

~ Kerry Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness

A couple of things you should know:

1. There will be overlap content in the presentation, articles, program script and special report. Here is why: when you market your program, you have to be where your potential clients are, and you cannot expect them to congregate for you in one place, using one medium. So I have included various formats you can use to reach them, multiplying the chances that your message will get through to as many people as possible. Yes, you can pay less to get just one of these, but you will also be spending a ton of time and sweat reformatting them to make them work for different media, channels and venues. Plus, I have prompts and directions for adding various components to promote your brand and your services that are specific to the particular content delivery and promotional vehicle.

2. What you won’t get in this kit:

  • A detox program
  • The specifics of your detox program in the post-call follow up email sequence – hey that’s your program! (You will get enough prompts and ideas to craft your message – just like me sitting next to you)
  • Clients already lined up with credit card in hand – sorry, they will, but you still have to go out and do the work. I can only take you as far as I can…


Don’t have a detox program ready to go?

Don’t fret! With the purchase of this Launch System, you will have an opportunity to purchase Slideberry’s 10-Day Metabolic Detox Manual Set at a $20 discount. This detox program will integrate seamlessly with the promotional materials you get in this system so you can just sail through the whole thing with grace and ease. (note: this manuals set is only available to IIN students and grads) This program is suitable for all seasons!


Ready to ROCK YOUR DETOX and surf the spring-cleanse wave for JUST $207?

Yep I thought so. The train is leaving the station, don’t get left behind. That would be no fun.

RYD guaranteeIf, for any reason, you don’t think the Rock Your Detox Program Launch System serves your needs, email your receipt to within 7 days of your purchase, and a full refund in the form of slideberry store credit will be issued to you (can be used on any done-for-you material and how-to guide). No question, no hassle, no quibble.

p.s. You can use the materials in this system over and over and over again. Not only to launch any detox program any time of the year, but you can also adapt the materials, strategie, checklists, tips and principles to launch any program you are offering. Lather, Rinse and Repeat. This is a tool kit that keeps on giving.

p.p.s. Think about the time, effort, stress and sweat that you will save by having a SYSTEM for launching your programs – this is a done-for-you materials and learning opportunity rolled into one neat package – you will learn by implementing (and making $$). Then you can apply and adapt the strategies to take your business to the next level. This is the best you are going to get without paying me to be on the phone with you for hours and hours and hours.

Geez, did I just price this thing at $207??!

(good thing I don’t have a “finance guy” here – this sales page will NOT see the light of the day!!)

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