Ribs. Throat. Heart, Unplugged.

Past week, I was in the space where I just wanted to curl up and suck my thumb. CRY. SULK. GET PISSED. I feel very pulled to sharing my still-raw experience with you – including a collage made “from the guts”:


Lately, everyone from Ali Brown to Charlie Brown are talking how the energy of the planet has been shifting, and how it affects the way we do our biz.

Personally, I am experiencing a lot of shifts as well (and not all of them pleasant) – not sure if it’s got anything to do with the planet… but I am going through a very intensive program to help me fully express my gifts in my business – OWN them, CLAIM them.

It is one of the hardest things I have put myself through (and I went to Ivy League architecture school). To look inward. To stop acting for outside approval. There is no “blueprint” to follow, no system to implement. No quick fix. There are only boundaries to push and assumptions/conclusions/expectations to be challenged.

I have some highly intuitive gifts. Integrating them with the nuts and bolts of business is not the easiest path to take. The comfort zone of “7 Tips To xyz” that drives traffic is not my zone of genius. (Sadly, that would be so much “easier”!)

My gift is to help my clients dig deep – find the SOUL of their businesses – only then, would we add smart strategies and practical tactics to make it materialize, creating a profitable and sustainable business that is a full expression of themselves.

How the hell am I going to write a sales page for “POETIC PERCEPTION MATERIALIZED”??!

Not some quick fix I can easily sell. Boo.


Here is the awesome part about this program. It is NOT about thinking! My mentor does some mad energy work that totally puts my brain out of commission (I have been perpetually drowsy!) Instead of living in the “brain”, we dig into the body. Physical sensations. Return to the WISDOM of the body for what I really AM at the CORE.

My throat wants to be unblocked and say what I truly need to say.

My lower spine (sacral area) wants to be unplugged from all the past experience and the associated preconceptions, conclusions, expectations.

My pinky toe and thumb are feeling pins and needles – no idea.

My heart wants to run away… ooze out from the rib cage –
longing for a blank slate so I can CREATE from my Heart & Guts.

The body doesn’t lie. These are the longings from my CORE (not sure I want to use the word “soul” anymore – it seems to have succumbed to being just another buzzword.) I am asked/required/driven to follow that tug, that hunch, that knowing.

Here is what happens when the body speaks up – after being silenced for all these years, it was effing overwhelming. Something erupted. It scared my brain’s pants off. I don’t care.

I feel paralyzed. Raw. Exposed. Scared. But once the cat is out of the box, there is no turning back. Just writing this is making me cry. HEART HURTS.

What’s next? No freakin’ clue! The thrill of the unknown.

I only know that, with my mad intuitive gifts and what I have learned, I am committed to creating content and services to help YOU, my peeps, build a business from your core, and grow it with smart strategies and practical tactics, defying the world of cookie-cutter stuff so your awesome self can stand out, step up, claim your genius and own your gifts.

Phew! You still with me? THANK YOU!!

Looks like you are digging what I say, so may I invite you for a chat to see how we can make magic together?

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