ribCAGE, In Rage :: What Is In Your Bones?

Collage 2.5RAGE – a lot of it – is what I have been flooded with since my epic 2,500 word blog post.

In the past few months, I have been unplugging, releasing, undoing, unwinding – from everything – mind, body, spirit.

I said f–k you Brain. I have been overthinking the tedious. Whenever I let loose of the grip, let Heart & Guts take over, big leaps happen – business transforms, money comes in. Yet, I can’t seem to fully trust Team [Root + Heart +Guts] to do its magic. On/off switch, yo-yo diet.

Go back into the body. Tap into the WISDOM we are born with. INTUITION.

My ROOT wants to take over my Brain, move up and sit on top of my neck.

Me, desperate to prey open my ribCAGE to let everything ooze out, to blossom.

BONES – the structure that holds up everything else – the essential, the bare basics… what wisdom is stored in there that we are denying?

The JOINTS – the SPACE between the bones… what magical golden thread is weaving through? Lubricated fluidity. Space creates opportunity. It’s the void that make things move.

This stripping down to ZERO POINT is very scary, yet exhilarating. It’s like free falling. Nothing more that needs to be held onto. Nothing wants to stick. No more judgment, conclusion, preconception. Freedom – possibilities open up. Wide. Exhilarating pure potentiality.

RAGE – because I am seeing the potentiality and the possibilities, AND I am (aware enough to) seeing the strings and cables that are tethering me to where I am. Barbed wires made up of the societal, ancestral, economical, logical constraints. Past life, old gunk that defies “journaling”.

What is behind the barbed wire fence? I can see it, I can feel it. I can almost touch it. But can’t quite have it without getting hurt.

The restless heart wants to go, dive, jump off the cliff – the freedom of free falling through the void. The “logical” head doesn’t know how to deal. Skin says, “I don’t know how else to express, besides breaking out in eczema.”

We are so used to holding onto shit, like a dirty security blanket. It feels plenty uncomfortable to experience “void”. Whatever released from deep inside the body, the emotions rushed out into the “void”, flooding every cell creating a “post-bad-breakup” sensation in the heart – contraction, shaken, cringe. It HURTS, literally.

(Thank goodness, my mentor who is taking me through this “soul eruption” warned us in advance that with her energy work heart will hurt and no, I am not having a heart attack!)

Team [Root + Heart + Guts] is constantly fighting with the Brain. Throat, caught in the middle, doesn’t know what to do. Confusion. Watered down message that doesn’t hit the bull’s eye. Resulted in conflict, misalignment, tension, hurt. So it curses. I had sore throat for 2.5 months.

So why not leave the war zone and look elsewhere? While we are at zero point, what is more pared down than the BONES?

What is in my BONES? What is in YOUR BONES?
Where is the SENSUAL in your business?

The essence. The “stripped down to your CORE” essence – no more layers to peel back, nothing to be “figured out.” Returning to the senses. Beyond the five senses. The SENUAL. The bypassing of the reasoning and GET to the “answer” already.

Yeah, we talk business here. “Business” sounds so cold. So “brain”. So “logical”. But the best ideas and inventions often come from flashes of intuition that is more often than not overlooked, discounted. See the problem here? “Logics”, introduced to control the masses. What if we give up control? Why is “control” a “good” thing anyway – who’s definition is that?

What is your version of “sensual”? What does it feel like in your body and how does it express in your projects? Your words? Your deeds? Your interaction with your clients?

No, we are not defining “sensual” here – we are not going to box you in with one way of doing things. What is YOUR definition and YOUR expression?

Sensual. It doesn’t have to be stars and curves, pink and purple, love and light. My version is gut-punching, heart-wrenching exhilaration. Whatever your version is, you gotta FEEL it. Make it matter, and make your people get that it matters.

The FLAIR of being you – a UNIQUE human being. Not a logo, not a website, not a signature system.

The Beauty of ZERO POINT

house money

“House Money” – free from attachments, fears, preconceptions, beliefs, values, judgments, conclusions.

What if it’s all “house money”? What would you do? How would you say it? What cliff are you going to jump off?

Nothing to lose, no fear, no attachment. What is your unlimited potentiality and possibilities?

Let’s see how we can get YOU to be fully expressed in your business. Infinite possibilities and potentiality comes with ULTRA-CLARITY – what you get when you hook up with me in this complimentary My Biz My Way Breakthrough Session.

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