What Is Really Causing Your Procrastination?

You sit down at your computer, with great plans to write a newsletter, that blog post, the new program or a sales page…  what happened next was paying the bills, checking Facebook, looking at Pinstagram, emailing to set up playdate, oh and how about this really great-sounding training? 2 hours later, whatever you set out to accomplish is still sitting on your to-do list… has it happened to you?

Procrastination happens to the best of us, but if you are procrastinating to the extent that you are not taking the action you know you need to build your business, a good honest look at what is behind your inaction is in order.

FEARS is often the root cause to procrastination. I am not talking about the kind of “I am scared of heights” or “I am afraid of spider” kind of fear. In the Fear Releasing Method, of which I am a certified practitioner, we work with 7 primary fears.

These primary fears are deep-rooted fears that drive our behaviors. Most of the time, they don’t come up as “scary”. They work subconsciously and affect the way we interpret situations and how we make decisions. They show up as our self-sabotaging actions and habits.

The 7 Primary Fears are the root of what keeps you stuck. They color your view of the world and of yourself. They affect what you believe about the world and what you expect from the world. They affect what you believe about yourself and what you expect for yourself.

There are two primary fears that are the main drivers of procrastination:

The Fear of Inadequacy

The underlying attachment of this fear is to be “good enough”, to meet other people’s expectations; and the limiting belief is “I am not good enough.”

This fear often holds people up from taking the actions needed to put themselves out there, to put in their very last ounce of effort into accomplishing a task.

If you don’t put whatever you are working on “out there”, if you don’t launch that program, if you don’t do that talk, you won’t “fail” and therefore face the evidence that you are indeed “not good enough”.

If you don’t put in all your efforts, you have an excuse for why you fail, and it is not because you are not good enough. You have an “out” to explain away why things are not working out, instead of facing the “truth” that you are indeed “not good enough”.

The Fear of Being Vulnerable

The underlying attachment of this fear is to appear strong, knowledgeable or invincible; and the limiting belief is “if I appear vulnerable, I’ll be criticized or ridiculed, and that leads to unbearable pain.”

Unlike the Fear of Inadequacy, people who have this fear know that they are good enough. They are held back because they don’t want to be judged or criticized by others.

Simple enough, if they don’t put themselves or their work out there in the world, they won’t be judged or criticized.

Does any one of these two fears describe your challenges? Creating awareness that these fears are driving your behavior, and calling it out when they show up in your life, is the first step to overcome them.


There are many ways to overcome these fears using the Fear Releasing Method, most of which are more involved than a blog post can explain. If you are ready to say buh-bye to your fears, take the first step and join me for this Live Virtual Training on How To Use Essential Oils To Release Fear.


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