Re: Your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

You are about to do something spectacular, finally step up and step out of what has been confiding you and say YES! to your big dream and big vision.

Somehow, with all the excitement about the possibilities, exhilaration around the potentialities, you got the butterflies in the stomach and before you can catch ’em (maybe you call that feeling “fear of whatever”), you hear your “logical mind” come in and present you in some “grown up voice” a list of “level-headed reasons” why you should step back and stay in the box.

good enough

First thing – that seeming “grown up voice” is your reptile brain taking over trying to keep you int the status quo. Why? Because the status quo has kept you alive and change is scary!

When you realize that, now you can separate out this “seemingly logical voice” – knowing that it’s not the real YOU – and have a dialogue with it.

I like to call this “voice” the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in my head. Next time when you are up against resistance (e.g. in saying yes to an opportunity to invest in yourself and your growth), invite these little buggers out for a chat – seeing it as something separate from You gives you the power and perspective to evaluate the situation.

(tip: this trick is also great for helping your potential clients realize their resistance/excuses/BS and say yes to working with you!)

Buggers: You just signed up for this training and that group program, you can’t possibly handle this work with a private coach.

You: Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. Those trainings and programs are great, and with personalized strategies and guidance, I can turn those information into practical strategies that suit my business and make me money. No more spinning the wheels, I don’t want to be throwing spaghetti on the wall and waste another year. I am done with overwhelm and ready for clarity and action.

Buggers: What about the fee? Do you have that chunk o’ cash sitting around? Are you being selfish by spending more money on yourself?

You: This is an INVESTMENT in ME, my growth, my vision and me living my purpose. There is no time like now. I AM WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I can only be as good a person to my loved ones as I can be to myself. No more those “guilt” bullsh*t. I am a big boy/girl now and I can handle my finances without freaking out.

Buggers: You don’t know enough. You are not good enough. Who do you think you are to coach others while you are still ploughing through your own crap? You HAVE to finish this training that certification before you can start your biz.

You: Stop playing that “not good enough” confidence card already. I can see through your sh*t. I am two steps ahead of my peeps, and that’s all I need to offer value and help them. Sitting on my bum and reading all the books in the world is not going to do me any good nor help anybody. Information in my head is not going to make me money. Translating the knowledge into offerings will make me money. When I gain traction and work with more clients, I will have much better idea what knowledge I need to acquire, and what skill sets I need to develop. That, is smart business.

Buggers: You have a lot going on right now… you can’t even find the time to sit down and chill out!

You: That’s called life (and I am here to live to hell out of it!) Of course there are always things “happening” – it’s about prioritizing my needs and right now, it’s building my biz. I am going to throw a BIG energetic YES! to the universe and let it worry about rearranging things to make space.

Buggers: … (shrinking into oblivion)

If you are ready to jump off the cliff and this dialogue just pushed you over,
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