Ready-To-Go Proposals and Templates

Versatile templates that you can appropriate for various usage.

Ready-To-Go Proposal for Corporate Wellness Programs

This 14+ page proposal covers workshops and programs that you can pitch to corporations. You fill in your company name, the corporation’s name, and a few details about your signature program (they are even highlighted in a different color so you won’t miss a thing!). All content is geared towards how your services can benefit the company, improve employees’ productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The proposal includes:

  • Cover letter
  • Introduction and benefits of employee health education
  • About your company/you
  • Workshops – detail descriptions (i.e. benefits for the company) for staying healthy in the workplace, sugar, energy and detox workshops are included.
  • Small group coaching – benefits and format
  • One-on-One Private Coaching – benefits and format
  • Ideas for Additional Services – 5 more ideas that you can add to your offerings

Get our Kick Your Sugar Habit, Detox 101 and Nutrition for Energy workshop presentations when you get your gig… minimum effort, maximum exposure!

Besides getting the opportunity to be exposed to potential private clients, you can charge $300-$500 per workshop! Huge ROI… what are you waiting for?

Let me make it super easy for you – get the proposal for only $39 – yep, that’s it!

Want to go all out and jump in with both feet? Check out our Corporate Wellness Power Pack!

Killer Sales Page Template

You are launching a kick-butt program that will rock your clients’ lives! You have developed a product that will be a surefire blockbuster! Yay!

Now you have to create a SALES PAGE to tell people about it… Yikes!

This template is going to take the “Yikes” part out of your product or program launch by giving you everything you need to know to create a killer sales page.

This template (delivered as PDF) not only shows you the 12 Essential Elements that you want to include in your sales page, but also detailed description of each element, why it is important and strategies to make it work harder for you.

I have thrown in the Top 8 Sales Page Design Tips – because researches have found that the “look and feel” of the page affect conversion as much as the content. I want you to have the best.

You also get a Killer Sales Page Checklist so that you can whip it out every time you write a sales page – lather, rinse, repeat. Easy peasy.


Product/Program Launch Timeline Template

Is “project planning” driving you up the wall? Want to have a plan that you can lather, rinse and repeat?

This easy-to-use timeline template (in MS Excel) outlines a 10-week process for launching a product or program (including time for you to do market research and content creation). You will get key millstones and tasks laid out for you, with the flexibility to add your own tasks, break down the tasks into sub-tasks for more detailed planning, and condensing and stretching out the time frame to suit your pace and the scope of your product or program.

After you have “customized” your plan the first time around according to your specific needs, you will have a roadmap that will guide you through every launch (it will be your BFF for a long time to come) – why reinvent the wheel?


PowerPoint Workshop Presentation Template

This PowerPoint (.pptx) Workshop Presentation Template helps you orchestrate the flow of your presentation so that you are not simply throwing everything you know at your audience (and leaving no time to promote your programs). This 16-slide template will help you structure your talk so that you will have ample time to introduce yourself and your business, share your compelling story and build a personal and emotional connection with your audience (includes the 4 simple steps of crafting a compelling story) while creating a demand for your services without giving away the store. Each step comes with additional tips and you also get my “secret sauce” agenda for discovery session (on slide 14).


The Magical Email Newsletter Template

Wondering how to organize your email newsletter? Not sure what to include, how to structure the content to make them not only informative, but also help your reader know how to get more involved with your work and your services? How about balancing content and promotion so that you can promote your programs, events and services without driving people away?

This PDF template has the answer for you – it will show you all the elements that you want to consider including in your email newsletter.


Relationship Building Article Template

A great way to provide value to your clients, prospects, and partners. With room for your program information and a short bio. File in MS Word format, created with system fonts compatible with most computers. Read this article for more ideas.
View template


Ready-To-Go Proposal for DONA CEU Application on Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition and Wellness

DONA is the largest doula association in the world with over 7,000 members. When your CEU (Continuing Education Unit) training is approved and certified by DONA, it means you can provide CEU training workshop to doulas in your area, not only creating an additional stream of income, but also building fruitful referral relationship with wellness professionals in your area. Not to mention, it helps elevate your expert status!

This proposal follows the application requirement from DONA so you simply follow the format and fill in the blanks. The content of this particular application (submitted by your truly) has actually been approved so it’s tried and true! While waiting for approval, start contacting your local doula associations to set up training schedule and start promotion. You can use our Done-For-You Workshop Presentations on Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness as a starting point to build your workshop.

This proposal template includes:

  • Objectives
  • Sample Registration Form
  • Overall Program Format and Outline for Each Topic – Prenatal Nutrition and Wellness; Postpartum Recovery and Wellness (each treated as a separate presentation)
  • Teaching Method
  • Bibliography and Source
  • Sample Program Evaluation Form

The really cool thing is, doulas need those CEUs… they will pay for them!


Ready-To-Go Proposal for Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Workshop

A proposal for approaching your local doula association to hold workshop for doulas who want to learn more about prenatal and postpartum nutrition and wellness. You can use the chance to introduce your service, build referral relationships, and get a ton of exposure!

You just plug in your name, your local doula association’s name, and your location – you are good to go!

Get our Prenatal and Postpartum workshop presentations when you get your gig… minimum effort, maximum exposure!



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