How To Preempt Objections In Your Discovery Sessions

When a potential client says “no” to your offer in a discovery session – it is already too late. If you can suss out objections and address them before they become a “no”, you can easily turn that into a coaching moment and turn a potential “no” into a resounding “YES!”

When someone doesn’t invest in a program, there are many factors. Some of which come from limiting beliefs that they are imposing on themselves and the situation. Perhaps they cannot see themselves achieving the goals. Perhaps they don’t think they have the “bandwidth” to do the work. Perhaps they assume that their effort to make changes will not be supported by friends and family, or even cause them to be “rejected”. Perhaps they are not fully grasping the cost of not taking action.

One of my favorite tool to suss out objections is this: after you find out what the dreams and desires of the potential client are, and spend some time with them in that happy place (tip: really tap into the emotions) – ask “on a scale of 1-10, how important it is for this to happen?”

Then listen to any reservation and reluctance in your potential client’s voice (even if she tells you it’s an 11). If your potential client gives you a 7, 8 or 9, get CURIOUS! Find out what the 3, 2 or 1 is. A lot of times the reasons stem from some limiting beliefs or false assumptions. E.g. “I don’t think I will have time to prepare healthy food at home” (in that case, you can assure her that you will give her tools and recipes so that she doesn’t have to spend more time in the kitchen than she does now, or you will help her streamline her life so she will actually get more time for herself.)

When you find out the limiting beliefs or false assumptions, you can get to the core of any potential objection. I like to uncover these objections before I talk about the program investment because the potential clients won’t be using “I can’t afford it” as a convenient excuse to avoid facing what is actually holding her back.

This is not just a tactic to make a sale. This is how you become a powerful coach – for your clients AND potential clients. You are there, skillfully, to help them overcome limiting beliefs or false assumptions that are holding them back to achieving their full potential.

Go get’em, tiger!

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