Power Questions for Discovery Session

Here are a few power questions to ask your prospective client, to tap into their emotions, to connect them to their current challenges and to their dreams and desire:

– What will your life be and how will you feel when you [state her goal]?

– What would happen in 3/6/12 months if you continue what you are doing (which is obviously not working) or ignore this issue?

– Why is this important to you? (Note: you may have to ask this multiple times to get to the bottom, the true desire)

– What will your life be like if we are to work together and you achieve [state her goals]? (Note: future pacing can be very powerful because your prospect has to tap into the emotion of achieving her goals)

-What do you see as the potential benefits of working with me?

– Anything else besides [her initial objection] that is preventing you from working with me today? (Note: isolate objection so that you can answer any doubts effectively)

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